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384: FORTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. RES. 33, 34, 36, 38. 1882. 21 sm., 71. tended to the iliiocnth day of Juno, subject the restrictions apq provisions of the act of.C0ngress approvcd Apr1l sixth, xmnp Domuu uightccu hundred and eighty, entitled: “A11 act for protection of {cha Potomac iisherics in the District of Columbia., and for the prcqorva.tion of slam} and herring in the Potomac River? And tlus msolutmn shall apply to the year eightceu hundred and eighty-two only. Approved, J unc 7, 1882. . . L I Ncxpronivo of the th of the vommont xmd .i·;3$’£°L ‘"° “" ,£,£€f££§E%¤?3d%¤m ..,0., ¤..,¤i’;}"@••t£.r G..£.m. Resolved by the Senate and House ofRqpo·cam•tativea of tha United Stqtes g,!,,-,,.;.,1, of of America in Oongress aasembbd, That tho Congress in commqn mth sympathy of gov- the people of the United States has received with profound grnef gba •'¤m°'** UQ3g tidings of the recent, at Cuprcra, of the distmgmshcd Italum mg {gm .:.,1, patriot Guisoppo Garibaldi, who formerly found a. grateful asylum of General Geri- within the hospitality of this government. midi. That the Congress expresses its high appreciation of the loyalty and

 unscliish patriotism, of the love of human rights, unlimited by language

or nationality, and of that devotion to the principle of fraternity among nations, which characterized the historical career and the gmat services of General Garibaldi; and avowa its deep sympathy with the friendly nation which has been bcrcavcd, and to whose unity and glory he so greatly contributed. President w That the President be requested to cause a. copy of this resolution to gmwg be communicated to the Government of Italy. Government of APPmv°d» Juno 101 1882· Italy. _ __ __ Juno 27, l£. [1%.36.] JOINT REOLUTION making an appropriation to coutinun the wack of A -11- observation and exploration m tha Arctic Bean. Resolved by the Senate and Hmm: ofRq1m:c»tatinca of the United Stain WW °f 0*** of America in Congress assembled, That for continuing the work of scien- ·'l:;;f°= i:“2m°{fg tiiic observation and exploration on or ucar the shores of Lady Frankgm, liu Bay, and for transportation of men and supplies to said location and return, and Eur continuing the work of scicutiiic observation at Point Barmw, Alaska, during tho ism} year ending June thirticth, eighteen hundred and eighty-three, there is hereby appropriated, out of any Apprupzimm. - money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of thirty- three thousand dollars, the same to be immediately available. Approved, Juno 27, 1882. Ju, w 1$ [Nail.] JOINT RESOLUTION t0&;r0vid¤ toinporarily for the expenditures of the ..._.;... YBIDIIIBD Resolved by the Sendo and Home of .R¢prc¢cntat·ivcs of the United States p,,,,.i,i,,,, tm, of America in Gmngreu assembled, That all appropriations for the necespouyiry, far ex- sary operations of the Government under existing laws which shall 1··¤¤•i¤¤¤¤¤J·f the remain unprovided for on the thirtictln day of June, eighteen hundred g°‘ °"‘“*"" ‘ and eighty-two, ba, and they um harcby, continued and made available for u period of twenty days from and aiter that date, unless the regular appropriations therefor provided for in bills now pending in Congress, skull have been previously msdn for the service of the ism} year ending Juno thjrtroth, eighteen hundred mad eighty-threw; and in cass the appropnatwns, oramy of them, hereby continued, me or is, insufficiont to currypn the sand necessary operations an sumcicut amount is hereby approprmtcd, out of any money in the 'frcasury not otherwise app1·0~ p,,,;,, printed, to canyon the same: Provided, That no greater amount shall be crpended therefor than will be in the snmc proportion to the uppmpriw tzons of the fiscal year cigbtcen hundred and eighty-two, as twenty days