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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 27. 1882. 21 From Ridge Prairie to Marshall. _Mi¤s<>¤ri—C<>n- From Shelbina to Oakdale. *‘““°d? From La Grange, via Gilead and Argota, to Steffensville. From New Cambria to Goldsberry. From New Cambria to Jordan. From Callao, via Valley, to Kirksville. From Williamsburgh to Calwood. . From Lake Creek to Edward Bahner’s residence, in Pettis County. From Salem, via Nova Scotia Iron Works, to West Fork. From Pittsville to Elm Spring Baptist Church. From Iantba, via Igo and Verdella, to Mounds. From Longwood, via Woodson, to Marshall From Gooch’s Mill to Boonville. From Excelsior Springs, Viginti Post-Oflice, to Vibbard. From Trenton, via Shanklin, to Alpha. MONTANA. Montana; From Skalkaho to Gibbonville, Idaho. From Missoula to Victor. • From Helena to Mullan. . From Ulidia to Beltane. From Reedsport to Judith. From Fort Maginnis, via Maidensville, Dexterville, and Wilder, to Fort Assinaboine. From Fort Magimiis, via Carroll, to Poplar Creek. From Benton, via Highwood, Beltane, Hughesville, and Goldrun to Ubet. From White Sulphur Springs to Goldrun, via Montana District "‘ From Martinsdale, via Puett, to Brambles, mouth of Bigtimber Creek. From Glendine to Poplar Creek Agency. From Bozeman, via Hayden, Chico and Gardiner, to Cooke. From Central Park to Hillsdale From Fish Creek to Bozeman. . From Centreville, via Unity, to White Sulphur Springs From Benson’s, via Richland, to Hayden. NEBRASKA. Nebraska; From Seward to Valparaiso. From Repose to Atlanta. From Sutton to York. From Sutton to Aurora. From Wilsonville to Arrapahoe. From Fitzallon to Gibbon. From Longwood to The Forks. From Bazille Mills to Paddock. From Dayton to O’Connor. ~ From Custer to West Union. From Garner to Halifax. From Albion to Clester. From Weeping Water to Louisville. From Ponca to Yankton, (Dak) From Keya Taba to Evergreen From Erina to Garner From Knoxville to Venus From Lost Creek to Postville From Curtis to Laird’s. From Lily to Glencoe From Wilsonville to Lyle, (Kas.) From O’Neill City to Calamus From Little to Fords I