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FO RTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 95, 96. 1883. 471 0}' Gipcmhliure · and the accounts for all disbursements of the Commis- Disbursement mouers of said District shall be made monthly to the accountingofficers "‘° °°“ “ t ° '“°'d° of the Treasury by the auditor of the District of Columbia, on vouchers m°mmy’ °t°' certified by the Commissioners, as now required by law: Provided, That Proviao. said Commissioners shall not make requisitions upon the appropriations from the Treasury of the United States for a larger amount during the fiscal year eighteen hundred and eighty-four than they make on the appropriations arising from the revenues of said District, including onehalt of all general taxes paid in drawback certificates during said iiscal year, as required by the third section of the act approved June twenty- 21 Stat., 36. seventh, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, entitled “An act iixing the rate_of interest upon arrearages of general taxes and assessments for special improvements now due to the District of Columbia, and for a [GV1g10D of assessments for special improvements, and for other purposes. Approved, Morch 3, 1883. CHAP. 96.-—-An act making appropriations for fortifications and other works of Mu, 3, 1883, defense, and for the armament thereof, for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, —-—· _ eighteen hundred and eighty-four, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United _ _ Stain of America in Oongrcaa assembled, That the sum of one hundred $,f1?,;°§’,;‘,Q'*}zf,'£_ and seventy-ilve thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby, appro- m,,m,,,,,_ priated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, ` for the protection, preservation, and repair of fortifications and other _ works of defense for the iisml year ending June thirtietb, eighteen hundred and eighty-four, the same to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War; also the following for the armament of fortiiications, namely: For the armament of sea-coast fornication, including heavy guns Armammgetc. and howitzers for flank defense, carriages, prqiectiles, fuses, powder, and implements, their trial and·proof, and all necessary expenses incident thereto, including compensation of draughtsmen on gun-construction while employed in Ordnance Bureau, and for conversion of ten·inch ' smooth-bore cannon into rfiled guns, making and testing two twelveinch cast-iron rifled breeclrloading cannon, in lieu of such of the gui:, the construction of which has not been commenced, as were provid : for by the “ act making appropriations for fortifications and other works of defense, and for the armament thereof, for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, epighteen hundred and eighty-one, and for other purposes," 21st•t., 100. approved ay fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty, making and testing two breech-loading steel guns, one eight-inch and one mortars and gumcarriages, mounting iihzeen-inch guns, making an testing two guns handed or wrapped with wire, testing devices for breech-loading guns, testing projectilcs, and so forth, in accordance with the report of the Select Committee of the Senate on the Subject of Heavy Ordnance and Projectiles four hundred thousand dollars. For the purchase of machine guns of the latest improvement, twenty vf ¤¤·- thousand dollars. _ g For torpedoes for harbor defenses, and the preservation of the same, Torpedoes, etc. and for torpedo experiments in their application toliarbor and land defense, and for instruction of Engineer Battalion iu_ their preparation and application, seventy-tive thousand dollars: Promded, That one-half Pu-mi••. of this sum may be used in the purchase of torpedoes of the latest xmprovement. » Approved, Mm-ch 3, 1883.