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FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 97. 1883. 477 BUREAU OF STEAM-ENGINEERING. _ For repairs, completion, and preservation of machinery and boilers, steam machinnncluding steam steerers, steam capstans, steam windlasses, and so 617- forth, in vessels on the the stocks and in ordinary; purchase and preserva tion of all materials and stores; purr-hase, fitting, and repair of machinery and tools in the navy-yards and stations; wear, tear, and repair of machinery and boilers of naval vessels; incidental expenses. such as foreign postages, telegrams, advertising, freight, photographing, books, stationery, and instruments, one million dollars: Provided, Promo. That no part of said sum shall be applied to the repair of engines and machinery of wooden ships where the estimated costs of such repair shall exceed twenty per ceutum of the estimated cost of new engines and machinery of the same character and power, but nothing herein contained shall prevent the repair or building of boilers for wooden ships, the hulls of which can be fully repaired for twenty per ceutum of the estimated cost of a new ship of the same size and material. For contingencies, such as instruments and materials for draughting- Contingent exroom, one thousand dollars. l>¢¤¤¤¤· For the civil establishment, ten thousand dollars. Cizil establish- HIGH INCREASE OF THE NAVY. To be applied by the Secretary of the Navy under the appropriate A_pproprintion bureaus: For engines and machinery for the double-turreted iron-clads, {5* *¤°*‘°¤¤° °f *b° in aceordane; with the recommendations of the Naval Advisory Board, ‘b”j;;b,° ,u,,,,md ODG muh0H ollars. iron-clads. The execution of no contract shall be entered upon for the completion To rm s or eenof the engines and machinery of either of these vessels until the terms *’°°3¤b* °}}*° '*Pi thereof shall be approved by said Board, who shall approve only con- K”f:;m,yyB0a*;;_° tracts which may be to the best advantage of the government, and fair and reasonable, according to the lowest market price for similar work. And the Secretary of the Navy shall take possession of the double- $¤•=¥¤¢;¤‘y ef turreted iron-clads, and if he thinks best, remove the sameto theg0vern· ¥:£',*:n“; ,.° ment navy-yards; and he shall ascertain the amounts which oughtto be dbd,, ,t,,_ paid to the contractors severally for the use and occupation of their yards with said ships, and for the were thereof, and report the same, with all the facts connected therewith, to Congress. » _ For the construction of the steel cruiser of not less than four thousand BMI ¤¤¤¤¤¤· three hundred tonsdisplacement now specially authorized by law, two steel cruisers of not more than three thousand nor less than two thou- _ sand five hundred tons displacement each, and one dispatch boat, as Dmpatcb bontreeommended by the Naval Advisory Board in its report of December twentieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, one million three hundred thousand dollars; and for the construction of all which vessels, except their armament, the Secretary of the Navy shall mvite proposals from Proposals for all American shipbuilders whose ship-yards are fully equipped for build- ¤°¤**¤¤°**°¤» M ing or repairing iron and steel steamships, and constructors of marine A engines, machinery, and boilers; and the Secretary of the Navy IB au- - thorized to construct said vessels and procure their armament at a total cost for each not exceeding the amounts estimated by the Naval Ad- ::03* oiggtmmcezi visory Board in said report, and in the event that such vessels or any gum, Advisory of them shall be built by contract, such building shall under con- mam tracts with the lowest and best responsible bidder or bidders, made after at least sixty days’ advertisement, pnblishcd in nve of the lead- diggnstrggtn. wuing newspapers of the United States, mvxting proposals for con,structing said vessels, subject to all such rules, regulations, supemntendeuce, and provisions as to bonds and security for the due completion of the work as the Secretary of the Navy shall prescribe; and no such vessel shall he accepted unless completed zu strict conformity with the contract with the advice and assistance of the aval Advisory Board, and in ali respects in accordance with the provisions of the act of Augwli