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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. Il. Ch. 121. 1883. 499 Other wrought iron or steel tubes or pipes, two and one-quarter cents S<>H1¤>¤¤¤ per pound. c. Chain or chains of all kinds, made of iron or steel, not less than three- §,°;,t,2:,°,Q,,d_ fourths of one inch in diameter, one and three-quarter cents per pound; less thanthree-fourths of one inch and not less than three-eighths of one inch 1D diameter, two cents per pound; less than three-eighths 01 one inch in diameter, two and one-half cents per pound. Cross-cut saws, eight cents per linear foot. Mill, pit, and drag saws, not over nine inches wide, ten cents per linear foot; over nine inches wide, fifteen cents per linear foot. Circular saws, thirty per centum ad valorem. {land, back, and all other saws, not specially enumerated or provided for in this act, forty per centum ad valoreni. _ Files, tile blanks, rasps, and floats of all cuts and kinds, four inches in length and under, thirty-five cents per dozen; over four inches in length and under nine inches, seventy-five cents per dozen; nine inches in length and under fourteen inches, one dollar and fifty cents per dozen ; gourteen inches in length and over, two dollars and fifty cents per ozen. . Steel ingots, cogged ingots, blooms, and slabs, by whatever process made; die blocks or blanks; billets and bars and tapered or beveled bars; bands, hoops, strips, and sheets of all gauges and widths; plates of all thicknesses and widths; steamer, crank, and other shafts; wrist or crank pins; eonnectingaods and piston-rods; pressed, sheared, or stamped shapes, or blanks of sheet or plate steel, or combination of steel and iron, punched or not punched;· hammer-molds or swaged steel; gun·molds, not in bars · alloys used as substitutes for steel tools; all descriptions and shapes off dry sand, loam, or ir·on·molded steel castings, all of the above classes of steel not otherwise specially provided for in this act, valued at four centsa pound or less, forty-five per centum ad valorem; above four cents a pound and not above seven cents per pound, two cents per pound · valued above seven cents and not above ten cents per pound, two and three-fourths cents per pound; valued at above ten cents per pound, three and one fourth cents per pound : Prorided, That on all iron or steel bars, rods, strips, or steel sheets, of whatever shape, and on all iron or steel bars of irregular shape or section, cold-rolled, cold-hammered, or polished in any way in addition to the ordinary process of hotrolling or hammering, there shall bepaid onedourth cent per pound, in addition to therates provided in this act; and on steel circular saw plates there shall be paid one cent per pound in addition to the rate provided in this act. Iron or steel beams girders, joists, anglestchannels, car—truck channels, TT, columns and posts, or parts or sections of columns and posts, deck and bulb beams, and building forms, together with all other structnrsl shapes of iron or steel, one and one fourth of one cent per pound. Steel wheels and steel-tired wheels for railway purposes, whether wholly or partly inished, and iron or steel locomotive, mr, and other railway tires, or perm thereof, wholly or partly manufactured, two and one-half of one cent per pound; iron or steel ingots, cogged ingots, blooms or blanks for the same, without regard to the degree of manufacture, two cents per pound. • _ _ _ Iron or steel rivet, screw, nail, and fence, wire rods, round, in coils and loops, not lighter than number five wire gauge, valued at three and one-half cents or less per pound, six·tenths ot one cent per pound. Iron or steel, flat with longitudinal ribs for the manufacture of tencmg, sixtenths of a cent per pound _ _ Screws, commonly called wood screwsttwo inches or_over in length, six cents per pound; one inch and less t an two inches in length, eight cents per pound; over one half inch and less than one inch in length, ten cents per pound; one half inch and less in length, twelve cents per und. . polron or steel wire, smaller than number nve and not smaller than