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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 27. 1882. 27 From Snowville, via Furman’s Store, to Misa Fork. _Vi;gini¤—Ccn- From Independence, via Potato Creek, to Mouth of Wilson. *'”“ i From Floyd Court House, via New Haven, on Shooting Creek, to Tar Kiln. From Old Town, via Dobyn’s and Davis’ Ferry, to Brown Hill. From Buckingham Court·House to Hardwicksville. WEST VIRGINIA. West Virginia; From Romney, via Ruckman’s and Sharps, to Inkerman. From lnkerman, via Bushby Ridge, Hillsdale, Samuel I’ark’s, Northwestern Turnpike to Romney. From Gladeville to Halleck. From Blaine to Clinton Furnace. From New Salem to Yeater’s Mills. From Braxton Court-House to Middleport. From Perkin’s Mills to Webster Court·House. _ From Flatwoods, Braxton County, via Doctor B. H. Adkisson’s Store, Williams’ Mill, Green Hill, and Little Wild Cat, Lewis County and James Bennetts, to Bock Cave, in Upshur County. From Kinchelos, Harrison County, to Cold Water, Doddridge County. ~ WISCONSIN'. ‘ Wisconsin; From Westby to Bloomingdale. From Antigo, via Morley and Donovan, to Merrill. From Douglas Center to Moundville. From Lucas to app. From. Mindora to Burr Oak. ` From Popple, via Nevins, Sbortville, and Day, to Neillsville. From Black Creek, via Cicero, Frazer, Angelica, and Plier, to Pulcifer. From Grantsburg to Wood River. From Balsam Lake to Bunyan. - 'From Sioux Creek to Slxetek. From Locbiel to Tonnar. From Cadott to Swansby. From Flambeau to Emet. From Eau Claire to Badger Mills. From Rib Falls to Peniatowski. From Wausau to Kelly. From Naugart to Hamburgh. From Munnville to McMillan. From Edson to High Banks. From Grand Marsh to New Chester. From Alban to Boyington. From Colby to Green Grove. From Merrill to Donovan. From Antigo te Morley. From Antige, via Melnick, to Kempster. From Norwood to Plrlox. From Bonduel to Tracy. · From Angelica to Plier. From Flintville to Saint Nathan’s. From Stiles to Morgan. - From Stiles to Kelley Brook. From Frydenland to Sand Lake. From Florence to Crystal Falls. WYOMING. · Wy<>¤i¤:: From Brent Fork, via Ashley, to Fort Thornburg, Utah Territory. From Bonrdeaux to Fort Fetterman. From Powder River to Frewen’s Ranch.