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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sszss. II. Ch. 123. l883. · 527 shall in like manner be payable to bearer when presented at the office of issue; and after a postal note has once been paid, to whomsoever it has been paid, the United States shall not be liable for any further claim for the amount thereof; but a postal note shall become invalid and not Postal note to payable upon the expiration of three calendar months from the last day b¤¤<>¤1¤ i¤V¤U¢l. of the month dining which the same was issued; and the holder, to "lx’“·,. . f obtain the amount of an invalid postal note, must forward it to the ,,,,,,,5,)*),,;-°(f,;;lf,,,,_,,°,:,1'° superintendent of the money-order system at Washington, District of em. ’ Columbia, together with an application, in such manner and form as the Postmaster-General may prescribe, for a duplicate thereof, payable to such holder; and an additional fee of three cents shall be charged and exacted for the issue of the duplicate. Sec. 2. That the provisions of section thirty-eight hundred and thirty- provisions 05. four, title forty-six, chapter one, and the provisions of sections tour R.S.3834,750. thousand and twentyseven, four thousand and thirty, four thousand R·S·4°”·777· and thirty~nine, four thousand and forty-one, four thousand and forty- §'g‘2g£',7;g‘ two, four thousand and forty-three, four thousand and forty-four, four R;S;404]:178: thousand and forty-five, four thousand and forty-six, and four thousand R- S-4042,7*78. and forty-eight, title forty-six, chapter thirteen, of the Revised Stat- 1]:- Q 2g:?-?,?- ntes, edition of eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, shall be deemed R;Sj,,045’m,‘ _ and taken to be applicable to postal notes as well as to money-orders; 1:.3,4044;:779: and that in addition to the authority granted by section four thousand R- S- 4948, 780 and forty-eight of said Revised Statutes to the Postmaster-General to '““‘:°,“PP;°“m° l"' pay out of the proceeds of the money-order business the cost of sta- P°° ° °° °' tionery and such incidental expenses as are necessary for the transaction of that business, he is hereby authorized to pay out of the proceeds of said business the compensation of an agent and the necessary assistants Agent, ass istto distribute postal notes to postmasters, and also the necessary inci- ents; ccmpcnsa dental expenses of the agency; and such agent shall, before entering hm upon his duties, give bond for the faithful performance thereof in such Bond. sum and form and with'such security as the Postmaster-General may approve. And all blanks, blank-books, and printed or engraved matter Blanks, blank supplied to postmasters by the Postmaster-General or used in his de- umn, eto.,obtairrpartment for the transaction of the money-order business shall he ob- od fmrn lowest retained from the lowest responsible bidders for furnishing printed and :l:’c°"°’m° "'“°’· engraved matter, respectively, under- separate advertisements calling ° for proposals to furnish the same for a period of four years, upon such conditions as the Postmaster-General may prescribe:‘Pro·v·ided, That I’r•wi•o. the Public Printer and the Chief of the Bureau of Engraving and Print- Public Printer ing of the Treasury Department shall submit, respectively, estimates ’*”£ P°’°°'s of the cost of furnishing such printed and engraved matter as may be §gQ';§::bm,,:s_ required for use in the money-order business, and they shall furnish umaies, etc such printed and engraved- matter whenever upon their estimates of cost the expenditure therefor will be less than .npon proposals made as . above provided for. Sec. 3. That a moneyordcr shall not be issued for more than one M°¤t°gf 9¤‘d°¤i_ hundred dollars, and that the fees for moneyorders shall be as follows, “"‘°"” ’““°‘ to wit: _ - For orders not exceeding ten dollars, eight cents. 1**** °*` f°°¤· For orders exceeding ten dollars and not exceeding fifteen dollars, ` ten cents. For orders exceeding fifteen dollars and not exceeding thirty dollars, fifteen cents. P _ For orders exceeding thirty dollars and not exceeding forty-dollars, twenty cents. _ - - For orders exceeding forty dollars and not exceeding fifty dollars, twenty-live cents. , · Foryorders exceeding fifty dollars and not exceeding sixty dollars, thirty cents. . _ For orders exceeding sixty dollars and not exceeding seventy-dollars, thirtydlve cents. ‘