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FORTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 128. 1883. 533 ninety-two dollars; three messengers, acting as assistant doorkeepers, one thousand eight hundred dollars each. For Postmaster to the Senate, two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars; assistant postmaster and mail-carrier, two thousand and eighty- erghlt dollars; five mail—carr·iers, at one thousand two hundred dollars eac . For superintendent of the document-room, two thousand one hundred and sixty dollars; two assistants in document-room, at one thousand four hundred and forty dollars each; one clerk to the superintendent of the document·r0om, underresolution of the Senate of December twenty- first, eighteen hundred and eightyone, one thousand four hundred and forty dollars; one page in the dooumentroom, seven hundred and twenty dollars; superintendent of the folding-room, two thousand one hundred and sixty dollars; one assistant in the folding·room, one thousand two hundred dollars. _ For twenty-four messengers, at one thousand four hundred and forty dollars each; messenger in charge of storeroom, one thousand two_ hundred dollars ; messenger to the official reporters’ room, one thousand four hundred and forty dollars. For chief engineer, two thousand one hundred and sixty dollars · three assistant engineers, at one thousand four hundred and forty dollars each ; conductor of elevator, one thousand two hundred dollars; two firemen, at one thousand and ninety-five dollars each; three laborers in the engineers department, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each. ` For one laborer in charge of the private passage, eight hundred and forty dollars; female attendant in charge of the ladies' retiring-room, seven hundred and twenty dollars. For eight skilled laborers, at one thousand dollars each; twelve laborers, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; twelve laborers, during the session, at the rate of seven hundred and twenty dollars each per annum. For twenty-one clerks to ·committees, at six dollarsper day during Qlerks w comthe session, twenty-six thousand eight hundred and thirtveight dollars. ¤¤*°°°¤- For fourteen pages for the Senate Chamber, atthe rate of two dollars Pages. and fifty cents per day each duringthe session, and four riding pages annually, at the same rate, eleven thousand one hundred and five dol~ lars. » · For one foreman in folding-room, one thousand two hundred dollars; Folders. six folders at three dollars per day while actually employed, six thousand ilve hundred and seventy dollars; in all, seven thousand seven hundred and eighty-five dollars. _ _ For contingent expenses of the Senate, namely: . contmgm ex- For stationery and newspapers, including six thousand dollars for P°g::;;,m ud stationery for committees and onlcers of the Senate, and ono_ hundred mwlg and fifty dollars for postage-stamps for the Secretary of the Senate, and Postage-stmnps. one hundred and nity dollars for postagestamps for the Sergeantat- Arms, fifteen thousand eight hundred dollars. ` For expenses of maintaining and equipping horses and mail-wagons -H¤¤¤¤•¤d wagfor carrying the mails, three thousand five hundred dollars. °¤"· _ For materials for folding, four thousand five hundred dollars. fo£i;*°'**l° f°' For folding speeches and pamphlets, at a rate not exceeding one dol- g' lar per thousand, two thousand five hundred dollars ` For fuel and oil and cotton-waste for the heating apparatus, seven Fuel, oil, ctn. thousand dollars; for furniture and repairs of furniture, ten thousand ` dollars; for packing-boxes, seven hundred and seventy dollars; for miscellaneous items, exclusive of labor, ten thousand dollars; expenses of special and select committees, and for inquiries and investigations ordered by the Senate, forty thousand dollars; in all, sixty-seven thousand seven hundred and seventy dollars. For reporting the debates and proceedingls of the Senate, twenty Rvrwrtinz M ive thousand dollars, payable in equal mont y installments __, "°*°°~