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FORTY SEVENTH cosomass. sms. 11. ou. 128. xsss. 537 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS. For compcnsalion of tho Librarian, four thousand dollars; and for Salaries. twenty three assrstant librarians two at two thousand tivo hundred dollars cach, two at one thousand sight hundred dollars each, two at ono thousand six hundred dollars each, two at one thousand four hundred and forty dollars each, seven at: one thousand four hundred dollars each, five at one thousand two hundred dollars each, one at nine hundred and sixty dollars, one at seven hundred and twenty dollars, and ono at four hundred and eighty dollars; in all, thirty six thousand six hundred and forty dollars. , For purchase of books for tho Library, iivo thousand dollars; for Purchase of purchase of law books for the Library, two thousand dollars; for b<><>k¤- purchase, by the Librarian of Congress, of new books of reference for tho Supreme Court, to be a part of tho Library of Congress, and purchased under the direction of the Chief Justice, two thousand tivo hundred dollars; for expenses of exchanging public documents for tho publications of foreign governments, one thousand dollars; for purchase of files of periodicals and newspapers, two thousand iivo hundred dollars; in all, thirteen thousand dollars. For contigcut expenses of said Library, one thousand dollars. Contingent ex- . 11808. For expenses of tho copyright business, tivo hundred dollars. PcCopyright. For Botanic Garden: For superintendent, one thousand eight hun- Botanic Garden. drod dollars; for assistants and laborers, under tho direction of the Library Committee of Congress, nine thousand nine hundred dollars; Y in all, eleven thousand seven hundred dollars. · EXECUTIVE. For compensation of tho Présidont; of the United States, fifty thou- Pr‘;;'3§;’f“f,?°Q§f SMG d<>U=¤S· Uuma sum. For compensation of the Vice l’residon1: of tho United States, eight Vico President. thousand dollars. » For compensation to the following in the oiioo of the Pmsidsut of tho Expcutive omm, United States: Private Secretary, three thousand two hundred and fifty ¤=¤¤¤¢¤· dollars. assistant Secretary, two thousand two. hundred and ilfty dollars; two executive clerks, at two thousand dollars each; stonographor, one thousand eight hundred dollars; one clerk of class four; two clerks ~ of class three; two clerks of class two, one of whom shall be a tele- Exgcutivg mm,. graph operator; one clerk of class one; steward at one thousand eight sion, employeeshnndred dollars; one day usher at one thousand four hundred dollars; one day usher at one thousand two hundred dollars; five messengers at one thousand two hundred dollars each; two doorkcopers, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; one night usher, ono thousand two hundred dollars; one watchman, nine hundred dollars; and one fireman, eight hundred and sixty four dollars; in all, thirty six thousand and sixty four dollars. For contingent expenses of the Executive `Oiiico, mcludrng station- contingent excry therefor, as well as record books, tclcgrams, books for hbrary, uns- p¤¤¤¤¤- _ ccllaneous items, and furniture and carpets for otnccs, care of oihcc carriage, horses, and harness eight thousand dollars. CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION. Civil Sorvicc 0mm15S10D. For three commissioners, at three thousand fivo hundred dollars Salarios or comeach; one chief examiner, three thousand dollars; one secretary, ono ¤¤;1¤*°¤°¤·°m°m» thousand six hundred dollars; ono stenographcr, one thousand six ° °· > hundred dollars, and ono messenger, six hundred dollars; in ull, seven- , toon thousand three hundred dollars. For necessary travoling oxpcnsos, tivo thousand dollars. égziannug ax-