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564 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 128-130. 1883. sence from the departments ou the part of said clerks 01- other employees, in eztgccsg 0i sxgzlhlcava of a.(l;s§:1;<éya(si may be granted by the heads thereo w ic s a not cxccc ·ays in amy one year cxcept in casa 0} sickness, shall be without pay. 7 Rc a1. Sec. 5. That all acts or parts of acts inconsistent or in conflict with P0 . . . the prmnsnons of t111s act are hereby repealed. Approved, March 3, 1883. · ._..”"·°·”’” °”“”‘ 1€3aT¢“£f.ft2‘¢‘J‘€3‘1f.E‘.€.$; ‘§‘§.’f1‘“'$‘L“i?;°¤‘{.‘f §"€E§‘é.,fILl2“f§§§ft£?° "“"“° Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Prinying mgps, States of Ameyiou in Gongresg assembled, '1‘hat_tha Public Printer is •¤d ¤"¤¤*¤¤°¤¤ hereby authorized under the dnrccmon of the Jomt Commttac on Pubm °°““““ ’°P°"“* lic Printing or of the Senate committee 0I! printfg in casa there be no 15,,;,;;, pmt,, committee on the part of the House, to accept private proposals for suthoriqcd no ac- printing-the required number of copies of mapg and other illustrations °°P* P¤'**° P¥°· for the Census reports from plates or stones wluch were engraved under P°°°l“*°"‘ special appropriations for printing and cugraving for the Tenth Census prior to tho act of August seventh, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, whenever it shall clearly appear that ezgpausc can be saved thereby. Approved, March 3, 1883. . .—A11'¤f h S0’ H I d .“*‘·“·“""’· °“" %$°u¤..-..gJ£ ¤£’1‘i.?’.§"i‘}ELéc€°¤%“2»“23.‘i.‘I.*1.L-.‘Z’...f.1‘}0r 321i%£“pm°,.,m“° .°°"“’ ·"“ Bo it enacted by the Senate and House of Representati·ves`of the United Regulations pm- State: of America in Congress assembled, That the board of commissionsqribcd fvr 801- ers of the S01di&1'S, Home shall every yam- report in writing to the Secg:°";!f[‘{;“‘z;v‘:%‘;:b‘ rotary of War giving a full statement of all receipts and disbursements gmld of "C,,;,_ of monpy, of tim manner in which thé funds are investad_0f_:my changes uumimmmmn m the mvcstments and the reasons therefor, of :111 admnsmons aud dm- ¤~¤¤¤¤1 r¤p<>r'¤.¤¢¤- charges, and generally of all facts that may be necessary to as full nmdcrsmnding of the condition and management of the Home. The Secrelilary of {Tar slaall have pogsr to ca111tg·a11¢%":·¢aquirc any omitted facts w ’ch in is ju gmeut sho be sta. to added. Thisanuual 10- swmuryufwn port shall bc, by the Secretary of War, together with the report of tho wtruusmit report, inspecting 0i§icer hereinafter provided for, transmitted to Congress at °*°··*° C°“8’°“'· session thereafter, and he shall also cause the same to be pub-

 xn ofldcrs ttgbtho Army, a copy thereof to be deposited in each

garrison an pos rary. 1¤•po¤t¤r-Gq¤- Sm:. 2. That the Inspector General of the Army shall, in person, ¤¤i of éémyw m· once in each year thoroughly inspect tho Home, its records, accounts,

£Qt° “"k° '°‘ management, discipline, and sanitary condition, and shall report thereon

’ m wntmg, together with such suggestions as he desires to make. Expenditures Sec. 3. That no new buildings shall be erected or new grounds pur- 1i¤¤i¤=d,¤t¤-.•=¤¢¤p1>_ chased, nor shall any expenditure of more than five thousand dollars °“ “PP‘° " **1 ° be made, until the action of the board thereon shall be approved by the Board. . P Sum,;;,,, how Secretary of War. All supphas that can be purchased upon contract purchased. shall be so purchased, after due notice by advertisement, of the lowest responsible bidder. Such bidder shall give bond with ro er security for the performance of his contract. , P P y, Pension mmm S20. 4. That any inmate of the Home who is receiving n pension from gf) i:ho_ government, angl who has a_chi1d, wifchgr parent living, qhull lgc em entitled, by gang wjxth the min? skgcegntm all wliom he receives his money a wn u on a. c' Peuqious, ¤m.,m parts of it, paid to such child, wife, or parzmt. ¥t?c`;;gn£?e:;?;O;]€s?1§` 3:% mmd *0 m>¤¤¤· nlgxwilagg or s]1aU({1ercayr beggmeiirhmgges ofghe Hgme, except such as ‘ s :1 nssxguc as cream s a pai t t meas f th Home. The money thus derivéd shall not becoge aapart 0ltF€l:c(;'undg of the Home, but shall be held by the treasurer in trust for the peu-