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590 FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. On. 141. 1883. Initerior Depart- INTERIOR DEPARTMENT. HIGH . _ Photolithograph- For photolithographing or otherwise producing illustrations for the mg- Patent Oiliee Report for eighteen hundred and seventy, six thousand dollars. GENERAL LAND OFFICE. · Payment to em- To enable the Secretary of the Interior to pay the employees in the Pl•>Y¤¤¤ fw V<>l¤¤· General Land Office who rendered voluntary services without compen- °"°' ’°'"°°“· sation during the period irom July first to August nfth, eighteen hundred and eighty two, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three _ dollars and ninety eight cents, or so much thereof as may be necessary. PUBLIC LANDS SERVICE. 4 · Survey ofpublic For payment of amounts found due by the accounting officers of the I‘*°d”· Treasury Department on account of surveying the public lands: For the iiscal year eighteen hundred and eighty one, two thousand live hundred and two dollars and thirty five cents; for thetiscalyear eighteen hundred and eighty two, one thousand one hundred and three dollars and nineteen cents. IthamarC. Whip- To pay Ithamar C. Whipple the amount due him as receiver of public Ph, ¤¤>•ii*» ¤*<=- moneys at Cheyenne, Wyoming, the same being to his credit on the books of the Treasury Department, one hundred and fifty-two dollars and twenty two cents. INDIAN AFFAIRS. . payment to cor. Amount founld due certain companies for tranipoptation in taiu_nih-cad com- connection Wit the purchase dum` supplies` dur1n' g e sca] year P*¤¤°¤· ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-one, being a defi- _ ciency for that year, one hundred and thirty-four dollars and twenty cents. Dominick Cm-. Amount due Dominick Corcoran, per certiiicate numbered sixty-four conn. hundred and seventy-nine, of Second .Comptroller, dated July twenty- second, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, for value of lands and improvements thereon in the “Muckleshoot Prairie,” taken for use of Indialns, Aprildseventh, eighteen hundred and nfty-nine, three hundred an twenty ollars. gm-ny, m, of For the survey and appraisement of certain lands adjacent to the lmdsneurendlc- town of Pendleton, in the State of Oregon, belonging to the Umatilla

  • °” d , Indian Reservation, in accordance with the provisions of an act approved

,,0,, bf', M fus August litth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two (in addition to the sum Q7 gm, _,' ggy_ ’ of one thousand five hundred dollars appropriated by section six of said 8 P act), two thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary; said sum to bedreimtbsursed to the United States out of the proceeds of t e sa e o said an . Sn rve y, em., For the survey and appraisement of a part of the reservation of Omaha Indian ros- the Omaha tribe of Indians in the State of Nebraska, in accordance §;’°*‘°“» N°b'°°‘ with the provisions of an act approved August seventh, eighteen hun- _ Pamphlet 8H_ dred and eighty-two, two thousand five hundred dollars, or so much tion 1aw¤,1¤t:m¤., thereof as may be necessary- said sum to be reimbursed to the United 47th Cong-, 341- States out of the proceeds of the sale of said lands. _Proceeds of In- The proceeds of pasturage and sales of timber, coal, or other dum reservations product of any Indian reservation, except those of the nve civilized El’;m*’.*;°°'°;* *¤*° tribes, and not the result of the labor of any member of such tribe, '“7• ‘ shall be covered into the Treasury for the benetit of such tribe under such regulations as the Secretary of the Interior shall prescribe; and the Secretary shall report his acuon in detail to Congress at its next session.