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596 ronumsnvnxrn oosonnss. snss. 11. on. 141. iss;. For surveying the northern boundary of Wyoming, one thousand dollars. _ For adjusting claims for indemnity for swamp lands, sixty-five dollars and fifty cents. J Dspartment of DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. H8 I08- For judicial, as follows : U·S-°°“’*·¤· For expenses of United States courts, eighteen hundred and seventy- nine and prior years, six thousand one hundred and thirty-one dollars and ten cents. _ Fees, ssnnnls- For fees of commissioners of United States courts prior to July iirst El;:,';? °*` U- S· eighteen htigndred and eighty, two hundred and thirty dollars and ' n nety cen . Fees nr jurors. For lees of jurors, United States courts, for same period, seven hundred and lilty-six dollars and thirty-five cents. Fees of witness- For fees of witnesses, United States courts, for same period, four ¤¤- hundred and ninety-seven dollars and fourteen cents. Prisoners, U. S. For support of prisoners, United States courts, for same period three ¤°¤¤¤- thousand nine hundred and seventy-two dollars and thirteen cents. Convicts. For support of convicts, eighteen hundred and eighty and prior years, seven hundred and orty-eight dollars. ` Miscellaneous. For miscellaneous, United States courts, expenses prior to July first, ` eighteen hundred and eighty, one thousand six hundred and eight dollars and four cents. Rent of court- For rent of court—rooms, United States courts, for same period, three mm- hundred and sixty dollars. cfsésé} d ger fees of supervisors of elections, for same period, three hundred o ars. 0;[!;:`l‘{ILfh0l'l3] d ger expenses of Territorial courts in Utah, for same period, twelve 6 B, . g ars. District mu- For salaries of district marshals for same period, nine hundred and ¤h¤I¤- ninety dollars and forty·live cents. _ ‘ . “ b Claims nllowzu CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE COMMISSIONER OF CUSTOMS. y 0mm18S10D l' °f£::f;°'¥f{0sP,m For Marine-Hospital Service, for same period, forty-four dollars and Servlss. seventy-seven cents. Fuel, etc,, for For fuel, lights, and water for public buildings, for same period, two P¤l>\¤= b¤1W¤¤£¤· hundred and eighty dollars and fifty cents. _Lire-saving ser- For Life-Saving Service,‘_ for same period, one hundred and seventy- "*°° five dollars and fifty cents. _ nsvsnns-cum: For expenses of Bevenue·Cutter Service, for same period, eight dol- . www- lars and seventy-one cents. Rsfnnding sns- . For refunding moneys erroneously covered into the Treasury (customs mcneyactc. toms), for same period, two hundred and fifty dollars. ` Purchase ofrsv- For building or purchase of revenue vessels, for same period, two ¤¤¤¤ *¤¤¤¤1¤· thousand and ten dollars. Claims allowed WAR·DEPARTMENT CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE SECOND kyggggggéegjggg AUDITOR AND sitcom) oomrrnonnnn. troller. Mexican Wim,- For pay of volunteers (Mexican war), eighteen hundred and seventy- tssrs. one and prior years, two hundred and two dollars and sixteen cents. Mounted volnn- For pay of mounted rillemen (volunteers), under Colonel John C.

  • °°’ ”“°m°¤· Fremont, in eighteen hundred and forty~six, eighteen hundred and

seventy-one and prior years, one hundred and tlvc dollars. Florida volnn- For pay of Florida volunteers, eighteen hundred and seventy-one and

  • °°*'¤· prior years, six hundred and eigh dollars and twenty cents.

Contingencies, For contingencies of the Arm? eighteen hundred and eighty and Army- prior years, eighty-two dollars and, seventy~four cents. pmt and snb· For draft and substitute fund, eighteen hundred and seventy-cue ¤’¤*¤*° f¤¤d· and prior years, seventy-five dollars and ninetythree cents.