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FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 143. 1883- 607 For expenses of light-vessels: For seamen’s wages, rations, repairs, Lish¤·v¤¤¤<>l¤· salaries, supplies, and incidental expenses of thirty-light ships, two hundred and forty thousand dollars. For expenses of buoyage : For expenses of raising, cleaning, painting, Buoyagc. repairing, removing, and supplying losses of buoys, spindles, and'day _ beacons, and for chains, sinkers, and similar necessaries, three hundred and twenty-tive thousand dollars. For expenses of fog-signals: For establishing, renewing, duplicating, Fog-signals. and improving fog signals and buildings connected therewith, and for repairs and incidental expenses of the same, sixty thousand dollars. For inspecting lights: For expenses of visiting and inspecting lights I n s p e e tin g and other aids to navigation, including rewards paid for information as USMS- to collisions, four thousand dollars. · For supplies of light—houses: For supplying the light-houses, beacon- Supplies, lights, and fog·signals on the Atlantic, Gulf, Lake, and Paciiic coasts with illuminating and cleansing materials, and such other materials as may be required for annual consumption, including the expenses of inspection and delivery of the same; for books and furniture for stations, and other incidental and necessary expenses, three hundred and seventy- five thousand dollars. For repairs of light-houses; For repairs and incidental expenses of Repairs. light houses and stations, including the two lights at Cape Elizabeth, Maine, which shall remain as they are ; for rebuilding, renovating, and ‘ improving the same, and buildings connected therewith; for the establishment and repairing of pier-head lights; and for the purchase and repair of illuminating apparatus and machinery, three hundred and ten · thousand dollars. For lighting and buoyage of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio _Mi¤sissippi,etc., Rivers: For maintenance of lights and buoys on the Mississippi, Ohio, ¤'*>¥¤· and Missouri Rivers, and at the mouth of Red River, Louisiana, one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars. ` ` For survey of light-house sites: For examination and survey of sites Survey or lightfor proposed light houses and preparing plans for proposed structures, Mw ¤i*¤•· ten thousand dollars. LIGHT-HOUSES, BEACONS, AND FOG SIGNALS. tkighbhouses, 0 Fourteen-foot Bank light-station, Delaware Bay: For completing the Fourteen-foot construction of the light-house to replace the light-ship now on Fourteen- Bwk lisht-M ¤ · foot Bank, Delaware Bay, seventy-five thousand dollars. *‘°“· Great Shoals light-station, Maryland : For the erection of a- light- Great Shoals. - house on the Great Shoals, at or near a point nearly opposite the place _ now marked by the “Shark-fin " buoy, in Dorchester County, State of Maryland, fifteen thousand dollars Cape San Blas light-station, Florida: For erecting a new tower at Cape San Blu. Cape San Blas, Floridzz thirty-five thousand dollars. Dog River Bar and hoctaw Pass Channel light-stations, Alabama: Cluumeruobile For lighting and marking the dredged channel in Mobile Bay, Alabama, Bay- nineteen thousand dollars. Detroit River light station, Michigan: For continuing the construe- Detroit River, tion of the light-house and fogsignal at the mouth of Detroit River, Mich- Micbi gan, forty thousand dollars Northwest Seal Rock lightstation, California: For continuing the Point Saint construction of a light-house on Northwest Seal Rock, off Point Saint George. George, California, fifty thousand dollars. Mosquito Inlet, Florida: For continuing the construction of a light- Mosquito Inlet. house at Mosquito Inlet, Florida, thirty thousand dollars. For the erection of lights on the Hudson River at Percy’s Reach Hudson River. · Iampherds Dock, and Livingston’s Creek, six thousand five hundred dollars. · For lease of ground to erect electric light at Hell Gate four hundred Lam of nd dollars; and the Light-House Board is hereby authorized, with the ap- {f,‘{*&°::°Eg;R°*