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FOR'I'Y·SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 143. 1883. 611 for copper, zinc, and chemicals for electrotyping, seven thousand one hundred dollars. For extra engraving, ono thousand dollars. . For photolithographing charts for immediate use, six thousand six hundred dollars. For stationery for the office and iield parties; transportation of instruments; office inrniture and repairs; and for office wagon, five thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars. For incl, gas, telegrams, extra labor, and washing, three thousand five hundred dollars. _For miscellaneous and contingencies of all kinds, including the traveling expenses of assistants and others employed in the office sent on special duty in the service of the office, two thousand eight hundred and ninety dollars. For repairs and maintenance of the complement of vessels used in the Coast and Geodetic Survey, twenty-seven thousand dollars. To enable the National Academy of Sciences to make observations of Qbservations of the eclipse of the sun on the sixth of May next, at an island -in the °°hP°° °f *h° “““» Pacific Ocean, five thousand dollars, the expenditures to be accounted °t°' ` for by the Superintendent of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, under the rules that govern that work; to be immediately available. For construction of a steamship for surveying the Pacific coast and Steamship for sounds, one hundred thousand dollars. gg? °*` P¤°m° MISCELLANEOUS OBJECTS UNDER THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT. T"““"§'D*K_i'n’*‘ ment. Misco e- 0KB- F ° ° ·D Dies and a do or dies and paper for internal revenue stamps, eighty thousa d for 3mm81E;: DHS 8111 . For engraving, printing, and iinishing stamps for tobacco, snuif, dis- lh.uuf:i):tur• of tilled and fermented liquors, and all other stamps used in the collection '**'“P“· °*°· — of internal-revenue taxes, four hundred and twenty thousand dollars. For detecting and bringing to trial and punishment persons guilty Violation ot inof violating the internalrevenue laws, or accessory to the same, in- tornal-revenue clnding payments for information and detection, sixty-five thousand ]*“'°· 'dollars; and the Commissioner of Internal Revenue shall make a dotailed statement to Congress once in each year as to how he ha ex- ` pended this sum, and also a detailed statement of all miscellaneous expenditures in the Division of Internal Revenue for which appropriation is made in this act. For contingent expenses under the requirements of section thirty- Expenses or assix hundred and fifty-three of the Revised Statutes of the United ¢=¤l¤s¤¤*¤» •>*¤=- States, for the collection, safe-keeping, hansfer, and disbursement of R·»S· 365*719* the public money, and for transportation of notes, bonds, and other securities of the United States seventy-dvo thousand dollars. For freight on bullion and coin : For freight on bullion and coin be pmight pu bun. tween the mints and assay-ollces, thirty thousand dollars. ion and ooin. . For transportation of silver coin: For of silver coin 4- ,,,,,1,0,-;,4,50,. as required by law, ten thousand dollars. or silver ooiii. For expenses of the national currency: For paper, express charges, Nation,] mm. and other expenses, twenty thousand dollars. ey. For the distinctive paper for United States securities: For paper, pimncgv, P., including mill expenses, transportation, examination, counting, and per, etc. delivery, thirty-five thousand dollars. Storage of silver: For constructing, repairing, enlarging, and rent- gemgsoysn.-u-, ing vaults and safes for the use of the Treasurer and assistant treasurers of the United States, and for transportation of silver dollars hetween sub-treasury offices, one hundred thousand dollars, the same to be immediately available. » For loss on recoinage of mutilated and uncurrent minor coins now in Lo., im msdn, the vaults of the Treasury and which may be presented during the :5 of mutilnted, ilscal year eighteen hundred and eighty-four, one thousand dollars. ·· "“”°* °°”"·