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612 FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. C11. 143. 1883. Fuel, lights, etc-, For fuel, lights, and water for public buildings: For fuel, lights, F°*' P“"h° *****1*** water, and miscellaneous items required by the janitors and Greman mgsj in the proper care of the buildings, furniture, and heating apparatus, exclusive of personal services, for all public buildings under the control of the Treasury Department, inclusive of new buildings, four hundred thousand dollars. Furniture, car- For furniture and repairs of furniture and carpets for all public {Pts, *?*°;» *`°' P¤b· buildings under the control of the Treasury Department, and for furni- ’° b'"m"‘g°' ture, including gas-fixtures for nine new buildings, namely: Albany, Charleston, West Virginia, Montgomery, Alabama, Paducah, Kentucky, Philadelphia court-house and post-office, Saint Louis, Topeka, Kansas, Cincinnati, Ohio, Memphis, Tennessee, three hundred thousand dollars. Assistant-custo- For pay of assistant custodians and janitors: For pay of assistant cusdi¤¤¤»¤·¤d5¤¤i*°¤‘¤- todians and janitors, including all personal services in connection with all public buildings under control of the Treasury Department outside of the District of Columbia, three hundred thousa.nd dollars. Hum.; .;,1;,;;. For heating apparatus for public buildings, including new buildings: tus. For heating, hoisting, and ventilating apparatus, and repairs to the same, for all public buildings under control of the Treasury Department, one huardred and twinnty-tive gxousand dollaris, of which sum lifteen thousan dollars shal be imme iately availab e. vaults, safes, For vaults, safes, and locks for public buildings, including new build- 1¤<=k¤» etc. ings: _For vaults, safes, and locks, and repairs to the same, for all pubgcuburldrngs under control of the Treasury Department, sixty thousand o ars. · Diane for- public For plans for public buildings: For books, photographic materials, b'¤m“'$°· and in duplicatirfg plans required for all public buildings Ender control of the Treasury epartmen two thousand five hundred ollars. ` C cunterrciting, For suppressing counterhfiting and similarfelonies : For the expenses M- of detecting and bringing to trial and punishment persons engaged in counterfeititngl Tl16B8B1I1f notes, bong? naslional-balnik uct5s,::? other securities o the nited States, as w ast ecoins the ni States, and other felonies committed against the laws of the United States relating to tlelpay anal bouimty laws, and for no other purpose whatever, sixty-seven thousand dollars. cmpmnumh For compensation in lieu of moieties: For compensation in lieu of neu of moieties. moistilesuin certain eases under the customs—revenue laws, thirty thousan dollars. _ Library. For the library of the Treasury Department: For- purchase of law books and zuitalple bookzofl reference for the library of the Treasury Department, ve un dollars. ` Cue, ctc .,_cf Lands and other property of the United States: For custody, care, $3% ¤*¢=·»¤>fU¤¤#- gzgdou, apc} sale (pg lands and other property belonging to the United , one thousand . ALASKAN SEAL FISHERIES. mAg:i::s at seal- Aging salariiis; and traveling expenses of agents at seal-fisheries in · as a as o ows: For due agent, three thousand six hundred and fifty dollars. I For one assistant agent, two thousand nine hundred and twenty dollars. For two assistant agents, at two thousand one hundred and ninety dollars each, four thousand three hundred and eighty dollars. For necessary traveling expenses of agents in going to and returning {ron:] at six hundred dollars each per annum, two thousand four uu re dollars. Revenue mem- For the protection of sea-otter hunting-grounds and seal-fisheries

,'¤£¥;g:j°° in Alaska: To enable the Secretary of the· Treasury to use revenue

steamers for the protectron of the interests of the government on the seal islands and the sea-otter hunting-grounds, and the enforcement of the provisions of law in Alaska, twenty-five thousand dollaars.