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628 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 143. 1883 _ adapted; also for the propagation of cod. herring, mackerel, halibut, Steam launches, Spanish mackerel, and other sea fishes, and for the purchase of one or etc. more steam launches or light-draught steamers adapted lor the purpose- Artiocini propa- for experiments in regard to the artificial propagation of oysters and ization of oysters. other shell tish and for continuing the inquiry into the causes of the °*°· decrease of the food fishes of the United States, including salaries or compensation of all necessary employees, one hundred and twenty-fire Designation of thousand dollars; and the Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries is assistant commis- hereby authorized to designate, from the employees of the Commission, "°“°”·°*°· an assistant, to discharge his duties in case of his absence or disability: Pmum. Provided, That no increase of pay shall be granted in consequence of such selection. Rent or moms, For expenses of the oince of the United States Fish Commission: ¤¤=· For rentdofdrgorns and other necessary office expenses, one thousand ive hun re ol ars. Carp ponds. For the maintenance of carp ponds: For the maintenance of the United States carp ponds in Washington and elsewhere, and the distribution of the young fish, including salaries or compensation of all necessary employees, thirty thousand dollars. Vessels. For the maintenance of vessels: For the maintenance of the vessels of the United States Fish Commission, including salaries or compensation of, all necessary employees, which shall be immediately available, thirty-five thousand dollars. Statistics. ¤t¤· For the inquiry of food iishes: For collecting statistics of the seacoast and lake fisheries of the United States, especially those covered by the Washington treaty of eighteen hundred and seventy-one, including and comrielgsgztion of all necessary employees, three thousan ve undred o . Wocd’s Holl, For erection of the necessary buildings and apparatus at Wood’s

    • -0, MW Holéegalrbor, £assachuse1tts,]l`or the fupropagation of cod, mackeiriel,

’stri 388, osters an oteruse marineanim twen -ve thousand dollars. , ab, s ty mumntions of For illustrations for the report on food fishes: For preparation of ¤'°P°¤’*¤»°*°· illustrations for the report of the United States Commissioner of ish and iisheries, one thousand dollars. _ Fish transports- For iish transportation : For the construction of a car for the distribu-

  • l°¤· tion of carp and other useiul food-shes to distant portions of the United

‘ States, five thousand five hundred dollars. Fittingoutsteam For steam-vessel for research in regard to food-iishes: For supplying '°5°§ht· no the steamwessel authorized by act of March third, eighteen hundred ’ ‘ and eighty-one, with boats, anchors, chains, inrniture, and the apparatiis rlrecessary fpr tgarginggié the research in rggardlmtso the fisheries o t c couts o e nit tates, ten thousan dol . = Ethnologicalre- For North American Ethnology, Smithsonian Institution: For the •°°'°h°°- purpose of continuing ethnological researches among the North Amerimn indians, under the direction of the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, including salaries and compensation of all necessary employees, forty thousand dollars, of which three thousand dollars shall be expended for continuing and completing the compilation and prepa- S*=¤*i¤*i¤¤I #*}*8- ration of a statistical atlas of Indian Affairs by C. C. Royce, under the direction of the bureau of ethnology, Smithsonian Institution, which shall be immediately available. smitnsoninn_In- For completing the reconstruction, in a tire-proof manner, of the In- '“*'*°¤°¤ *****]*****8- terigrdotilthe eastern portion of the Smithsonian Institution, fifty thousan dollars. NATIONAL MUSEUM. National Mu- For furniture and iixtures of the National Museum: For cases, fur- ¤q¤¤¤· Cum. fur- niturc, and iixtures required for the exhibition of the collections of '"*‘“'°•°*°· geology, mineralogy, natural history, ethnology, and the industrial arts belonging to the United States, and for salaries or compensation of all necessary employees, sixty thousand dollars.