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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 143. 1883. 631 prosecution for offenses committed against the United States; for the safe-keeping of prisoners; for defraying the expenses which may be incurred in the enforcement of the act approved February twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one,`entitled "An act to amend an act approved May thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy, entitled “An act to enforce the rights of citizens of the United States to vote in the several States of the Union, and for other pnrposes,"’ or any act amendatory thereof or supplementary thereto, namely, those stated in the following itemized list: For fees and expenses of marshals and deputies, six hundred thou- Marshals, ctc. sand dollars. _ _ For payments of district attorneys and their assistants, three hundred D1 “*’“°* ““°" and twenty-five thousand dollars. °°y°° For fees .of clerks, one hundred and sixty thousand dollars: Provided, Clerks. That the clerk of the supreme court of the District of Columbia shall mmmake to the Attorney-General his semi-annual report of fees and emolu- c°2xlQ'lf,§ff)“P5°";: ments in the same manner and under the same regulations as clerks of the mgkg mpc;-t},ffw,_ other courts of the United States, under and in accordance with section etc. eight hundred and thirty-three of the Revised Statutes, the maximum R· S- 83:% 157- of whose compensation, after the payment of office expenses, and other _ allowances granted by the Attorney-General, shall not exceed the maximum of three thousand five hundred dollars, and the balance of said fees and emolumeuts of his office shall be paid into the Treasury according to the provisions of section eight hundred and forty-four of the Revised I Statutes. Provided, That the Clerk of the Supreme Court of the United Pr<>v¤2·¤>· _ States shall not hereafter retain of the fees and emolumeuts of his office ,C°“,;P‘§“;°*“°;‘ 1:* for his personal compensation over and above his necessary clerk-hire §0°,f,.,, {*;;;,,,3 and the incidental expenses of his office, certified to by the court, or by sum. one of its justices appointed by it for that purpose and to 'be audited ’· and allowed by the proper accounting officers of the Treasury, a sum exceeding six thousand dollars a year, or exceeding that rate for any time less than a year; and the surplus of such fees and emolumeuts shall be paid into the Treasury as provided by lawin cases of clerks of _ the circuit and district courts of the United States: And provided for- Pf¢•¢••· ther, That so much of section three of the act of February twenty-eight, seventeen hundred and ninety-nine, as relates to the compensation of said clerk for his attendance in court is hereby repealed: And provided P'M€••· further, That the Supreme Court is hereby authorized and empowered to prepare the table of fees to be charged by the clerk thereof, and until the same is thus prepared the fees therein charged for recording or copying any paper or record shall not exceed fourteen cents per folio. For fees of United States commissioners, one hundred and thirty r‘o¤•ofU.s. comthousand dollars. . "“"i°'*°"· For fees of jurors, four hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Juror;. For fees of witnesses, six hundred thousand dollars. Witneses. For support of United States prisoners, three hundred thousand dol- United Staten lars. rri¤¤¤¤r¤- For rent of United States courtrooms, nity thousand dollars. Rent or courtmoms. For fees and expenses of bailifs; furniture; for payment of expenses Bailih, etc. of district judges who may be sent out of their districts, in pursuance of law, to hold a circuit or district court; and other miscellaneous expenses, three hundred and ten thousand dollars. For the support of convicts: For support, maintenance, and trans· convicts. portation of convicts transferred from the District of Columbia, and " for the necessary traveling expenses incident to the collection of criminal statistics, to be disbursed by the authority of the Attorney-General, gl-gum.] mu, ten thousand dollars. A ues. UNDER THE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. For uu additional greenhouse for the propagation of economic and Grccnhcunpta. other plants, two thousand five hundred dollars