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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 114. 1882. 673 To Alexander Martin, of Franklin County, forty-seven dollars and P¤¤¤¤ylv¤¤i¤· forty-five cents. · d T10 Daniel Miekley, of Franklin County, six hundred and ilfty-three o ars. To Myers and Brand, of Franklin County, twenty-nine dollars and seven cents. To John Hade, of Franklin County, sixty-five dollars. To Nicholas A. Myers, of Cumberland County, fifty dollars. To Ada L. Rankin, administratrix of E. D. Rankin, deceased, of Franklin County, one hundred and ninety-five dollars. To Margaret Ranhauser, of Franklin County, twelve dollars. To Levi Schwartz, surviving administrator of Jacob Schwartz, deceased, of Adams County, one thousand and fifty dollars and fifty cen s. _ To Baltzer Snyder, of Adams County, one hundred and forty-seven dollars and fifty cents. To Samuel B. Snively, of Franklin County, one hundred and thirty dollars and fifty cents. To Beniamin Snively, of Franklin County, twenty-eight dollars and nity cents. To the estate of Stephen T. Souder, of Franklin County, one hundred and forty dollars. To Joseph Spangler, of Adams County, two hundred and two dollars and sixty-two cents To Daniel Trestle, of Franklin County, nineteen dollars and eleven CBD s. — To David Teeter, of Franklin County, one dollar and nity cents. To Jacob Wiema of York County, one hundred and thirty dollars. To Francis J. ilson, of Adams County, two hundred dollars. To Jacob T. Zug, executor of Jacob Zug, deceased, of Cumberland County, one hundred and fifty-one dollars and fifty cents.

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To S. S. Alexander, of Buthermrd County, two hundred and nity To William Allen, surviving r of Benjamin Allen, deceased), of Meigs County, nity-two dollars and nfty cents. To ames Alexander, of Sumner County, one thousand one hundred and eighty seven dollars. ®To David Arnold, of Washington County, one hundred and twenty To James and Samuel B. Alexander, executors of James B. (or James) Alexander, deceased, of Davidson County, two hundred and eightyeiglit dollars. _ . To James D. Anthony, of Giles County, four hundred and nity dol- To Lanty M. Armstrongsof Blount County, sixteen dollars and eighty cents. To Cullen P. Andrews, of Stewart County, one hundred dollars To Stanfield Anderson, of Williamson County two hundred dollars. To Mrs. Beady Austin, of Henderson County, twentydive dollars. To Albert Acui}`, of Grainger County, one hundred and twenty-ilve dollars To Isaac Alexander, of Wilson County, two hundred dollars. To Matthew M. Anderson, of Blount County, three hundred and elglityseven dollars. o Lewis F. Arney, of Lincoln County, two hundredand tlfty dollars. To James Hartman, administrator of Allen Anderson, deceased, of Green County, one hundred and twenty-tive dollars. Ego Ky. Alexander, of Rutherford County, one hundred and six dolx·xir·-43