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676 ron<rY-snvn1~rrn oonennss. seen 1. on. 114. 1882. Tennessee. To Lucy E. Baldridge, administratrix of W. H. Baldridge, deceased, of Gibson County, three hundred and ninety dollars. To James M. Hays, administrator of Hariett M. Brooks, deceased, of Madison County, two hundred and twenty dollars. To Thomas Brooks, of Obion County, one hundred and eleven dollars and seventy-five cents. To Marcellus Boyd, of Haywood County, one hundred and fifty dollars. To Rebecca Beelew, administratrix of Hazard Been, deceased, of Marion County, one hundred and nfty-ive dollars. To Mahala B. Beard, widow of S. Beard, deceased, of Bradley County, ninety-nine dollars and sixty-five cents. _ To Susan Bradley, widow of Reuben Bradley, deceased, of Robertsou County, thirteen dollars and fifty cents. To Elias L. Best, of Franklin County, one thousand two hundred and fifty-nve dollars. To Benjomin J. Stevenson, executor of Caleb H. Baker, deceased, of Knox County, one thousand two hundred and eighty dollars. To J. H. and W. E. Clay, executors of W. H. Clay, deceased, of Carroll County, one hundred and thirty-uve dollars. To Almanza Creech, ,of Davidson County, one hundred and twenty- five dollars. To J. G. Carmichael, of McMinn County, five hundred and seventy dollars. To Marion Cameron, of Blount County, two hundred and seventy-five do lars. To Willis Clayton, of Lewis County, one hundred and fifty dollars. To Benjamin Casteel, of Knox County, one hundred and seventy-six dollars. To W. S. Grafton, administrator of Jeremiah Grafton, deceased of Maury County, one hundred and fifty dollars. To John and Eli Coble, administrators of Hemy Coble, deceased, of Lincoln County, Eve hundred and twenty dollars. · To Lewis A. Collett, of Knox County, sixty-five dollars and twenty- five cents. _ To Jasper Collett, of Knox County, twenty-one dollars and seventy- five cents. 5 ` To Robert F. Cole, administrator of Alexander T. Cole, deceased, of Madison County, one hundred and sixty-fire dollars. To Patrick Connolly, of Humphreys County, eighty dollars. To James Cameron, of Blount County, one hundred and seven dollars. and flhzy cents. To William Cook, of Claiborne County, forty-eight dollars. To J. W. Ross, administrator of Eli Cherry, deceased, of Hardin County, two hundred and fifty dollars. - ' ,To Mary J. Webste1·, formerly Mary J. Cowdon, administratrix of John B. Cowdon, deceased, of Sevier County, thirty dollars. To W. A. Harmon, administrator oi David Cook, deceased, of Greene County, one hundred and seventy-one dollars. To Mary J. Carson, of Williamson County, one hundred dollars. To Williaiii S. Curtis, of Lincoln County, five hundred dollars. To Moses E. Cater, of Williamson County, eight hundred and twenty- seven dollars and fifty cents. To W. B. Cummings and T. B. Biles, administrators of Joseph J. Culnimings, deceased, of White County, one hundred and eighty-flve o ars. To Elijah Coffee, of Grainger County, one hundred and fllty dollars. To Francis A. Chapman, of Bonne County, one hundred and ninety- eight dollars and twenty five cents. To J. B. Canada, of Fayette County, one hundred and forty dollars. I To John Chunn, of Maury County, one hundred and twenty-five dol-