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7 50 ronrvsnvnsrn cosennss. sms 11. eu. 4, 9-11, rs. isss. for the use of the government in the extension of the military reservation at Camp Mohave, in said Territory, under general orders numbered sixty-two, dated headquarters of the Army, August sixteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine. Approved, December nineteenth, 1882. Dec. 27, 1882. CHAP. 9.-An act granting a pension to George Foster . —- l Be ot enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United George Foster. States of Amenha in Oongresa assembled, That the Secretary of the Y°“‘°“· Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to place on the pension roll, subject to the provisions and limitations of the pension laws, the name of George Foster, late a private in Company C, Tenth United States Cavalry. ` Approved, December 27, 1882. Jn_ 5, lg CHAP, 10.-An not for the relief of Albert Grant. Be it enacted In; the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Albert Grant. States of America in Congress assembled, That the Court of Claims be, B¢li¤f ¢>£ and it is hereby, directed to reopen and readjudicate the case of Albert Grant and Darius Jackson (doing business as A. Grant and Company) upon the evidence heretofore submitted . to the said court in said cause (fifth Court of Claims Reports, page eighty), and if said court in such readjudication shall llnd fr·om such evidence that the court gave judgment fora different sum than the evidence sustains or the court intended, it shall correct such error and adjudge to the said Albert Grant such additional sum in said cause as the evidence shall justify, not to exceed fourteen thousand and sixteen dollars and twenty-nine cents; and the amount by readjudication in favor of the said Albert Grant shall be a part of the original judgment in the cause recorded in the fifth Court of Claims Reports page eighty. ‘ Approved, January 5, 1883. ‘ Jug, 5, jg, CHAP. 1.1.-An not to remove the political disabilities of James. I. Waddell. Be it enacted by theSe1•ateand Hoseeof.Reprecentatioee of the United - James I. Wed- States ey America is Congress assembled, (two thirds of each House concur-‘ Ml- 1, ti al _ H ring therein), That allpolitical disabilitresimposed upon James. I. Wad- ,t£’;mwd"‘°b°d_dell by the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United ’ States, be, and the same are hereby, removed. Approved, January 5, 1883. Ju, 9, 1383, CHAP. 18.-An set for the relief of Jehu T. Hennemm, or Baltimore, mwylmd. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Jenn T. Henna- States of America is Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Treas- ¤M—¤·_ ury be, and he ishereby, authorized and directed, out of any moneys R°“°f °f· in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, not exceeding ilve thousand tive hundred dollars,to pay to John T. Hennaman, of Baltimore, Mary- land, such sum as the said Hennaman shall prove to the satisfaction of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue to have expended, in person or through Gail and Axe, for the purchase cfrevenue-stamps used to stamp and repack manufactured snulf upon which a tax had been previously paid, or which was tax free, under the revenue laws in force at the time