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FORTYSEVENTII CONGRESS. Suss. II. Ch. 63. 1883. 76] To Bedtbrd Dance, of Jefferson County, four hundred and sixty five T•¤¤¤¤¤¤¢>¢>· Mmdollars, tinued. To Joel Johnson, administrator of Thomas Douglass, deceased, of Jefferson County, two hundred and eighty one dollars, _ To Susannah Davis, of Monroe County, seventy five dollars, To Charles Deasy, of Sumner County, fifty dollars, To Stockley Donelson, of Davidson County, one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven dollars, and fifty cents. To \Villiam K. Douglas, of Washington County, sixty dollars, To James Dyer, senior, of Union County three hundred dollars. To Jane H. Dugger, widow and heir at law of Benjamin Dugger, deceased, of Hamilton County, fifty dollars; to Jane H.Dugger, guardian of James L. Dugger and Cynthia M. Dugger, heirs at law, onehundred dollars; to William L. Dugger, fifty dollars; to Hester A. Trobaugh, formerly Dugger, fifty dollars; to Mary Isabella Nail, formerly Dugger, fifty dollars; to Sarah Jane Lord, formerly Dugger, fifty dollars; to Eliza L. Maddox, formerly Dugger ifty dollars; in all, four hundred dollars, To James Earps, of Smith County, one hundred dollars. To A. B. Ewton, senior, of Sequatchie County, one hundred and twelve dollars, To Alexander Eagleton, of Blount County three hundred and twenty three dollars, " To John O. Ewing, of Davidson County, three hundred and seventy six dollars and fifty cents, ` To John. T. Easley, of Grainger County, twenty three dollars, To Bedford Endsley, of Marshall County, one hundred and twenty tive dollars, d To W. B. Eskridge, of Davidson County, five hundred and fifty six ' ollars — I To Alex Eason, of Trousdale County, one hundred and forty four dollars Td John Everett, of Blount County, fifty nine dollars, _ i To John M. Edington, of Knox County, one hundred and ten dollars, To William Eastep, of Claiborne County, one hundred and twenty tive dollars, . ` To Hugh M. Eakin, of Lincoln County, twenty dollars, To John Evins, of Greene County, one hundred and fifty dollars, To James H. Evans, of Giles County, one hundred and seventy dollars Th Alexander Eagleton, executor of Robert Eagleton, deceased, of Blount County, one hundred and thirty dollars, To J. A. Barnard, administrator of Jacob Ewing, deceased, of Roane County, six hundred and seventy dollars and sixty five cents, To John W. Eakin, of Blount County, forty dollars, To \Villiam. K. Fugate, of Rhea County, twelve dollars, · To Ann. C. Felts, of Weakley County, one hundred and thirty tive dollars. To H. P. Fowlkes, of Williamson County, three hundred and fifty two dollars and fifty cents, To Preston Ferguson, of Decatur County, three hundred and forty dollars To Mark Fortuer, of McNairy County, one hundred and twenty dollars To M. C. Fitzpatrick, administrator of Samuel. W. Fitzpatrick, deceased, of Marshall County, one thousand six hundred and ninety seven dollars To W. Bradley, administrator of Nancy Freeland, deceased, of Sumner County, one hundred and forty fiye dollars, _ _ To J olm Fuller, of Blount County, thirty three dollars and sixty cents,