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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 63. 1883. 787 To Joseph Stine, of Washington County, forty-three dollars and _M¤fyl¤¤d. ¤<>¤· twenty cents. tmuvd- To Nancy Stephens, of Frederick County, one hundred and forty-six dollars and fifty cents. To David Seibert, of Washington County, one hundred and eighty- eight dollars and ninetydive cents. To Martha B. Shafer, of Washington County, eight hundred and sixty- eight dollars and forty cents. To Charles Salmon, of Frederick County, three hundred and thirty- six dollars. n To Rabert Trimble, of Washington County, twelve dollars and twenty ve cen s. To Ann Rebecca Washington, widow of Eli Washington, deceased, of Washington Colnty, fifteen dollars and eighty-tive cents. To J. H. R. Wolfe, executor of Eli Wolfe, deceased, of Montgomery County, forty dollars. - To John H. Willard, of Frederick County, one hundred and thirty- ilve dollars. d To Leander Wachter, of Frederick County, one hundred and fifty o ars. ‘ To Solomon T. Wilson, Sarah Wilson, and Mary M. Winterbottom, executors of John T. Wilson, deceasedfof Dorchester County, ninety- tive dollars and seventy live cents. ·' MISSOURI. 1¤¤¤<>¤=·1- To John Bmndege, of Dallas County, one hundred and fifty dollars. To William Baker, of Bollinger County, sixty dollars. To George F. Bowers, administrator of John J. L. Bowers, deceased, and William H. Bowers and George F. Bowers, of Jasper and Lawrence Counties sixteen dollars and twenty five cents. 1aTo E. Bishop, of Phelps County, one thousand five hundred dolrs. To John Bone, of Knox County, one hundred and thirty-nine dollars and twenty live cents. To Nancy C. Christian, widow of Robert H. Christian, deceased, of McDonald` County, eighty nine dollars. To Augustus Hosting, administrator of William Cossey, deceased, of Laclede County, two hundred and seventy two dollars. To James H. and John M. Dunivin, of Phelps County, sixty-one dollars and sixty cents. To James H. Dnnivin, administrator of Rachel Dunivin, deceased, of Phelps County, twenty seven dollars. To Mary Ann Earnest, widow of Thomas T. Earnest, deceased, of Polk County, sixty eight dollars. To John F. Garland, of Benton County, fifty five dollars. To John Gragg, of Clay County, one hundred and sixty dollars. To Chesley Gates, of Johnson County, forty three dollars and fifty cents. To Valentine Garner, of Webster County, ninety dollars. d T1; Joseph Hunt, of Greene County, two hundred and seventy two o rs. To John Inmon, of Stone County, sixty dollars To William H. Jackson, of Johnson County, seventy dollars. hTo William Jenkins, ofBenton County, seventy-onedollars and seventy- t ree cents. To William James, of Phelps County, two hundred and fifty one dollars and eighty cents. To William Jenkins, survivor of William Jenkins and Company, of Benton County seventeen dollars and four cents. _ To Ansemer D. Kidwell, of Lewis County, two hundred and mnety- · nine dollars and sixty cents.