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862 con vnucrios-.1 Ammon. oernnnn 11, 2e, 1881. Anrrcnn 8. 1),,,,1;,,,,,,,, 0,. Duplicate orders shall only be issued by the Postal Administration of dem, when issued. the Country on which the original orders were drawn, and in conformity with the regulations established, or to be established in that Country. _ Anrrorln 9. 1;,,,;,,;,,,,0,,, gov. The orders, issued by each Country on the other, shall be subject, as reerning payment. gards payment, to the regulations which govern the payment of Money- Orders in the country on which they were drawn. The paid orders shall remain in the possession of the Country of pay- mont. Ancrrcrn 10. B t ic Repayment of orders to remitters shall not be made until an authori- °P °y"'°" zation for such repayment shall iirst have been obtained by the Countr rem1tters, how , Y mms, of issue from the Country where such orders are payable, and the amounts of the repaid orders shall be duly `credited to the former country in the quarterly account. (Article 12.) It is the province of each Postal Administration to determine the manner in which repayment to romitters is to be made. ARTICLE 11. . _ Orders which shall not have been paid within twelve calendar months bgxcmgm from the·month of issue shall become void and the sums received shall Void_ accrue tc, and be at the disposal of the country of origin. _ The amaioa Omoo shall, therefore, enter to the credit of the United States, in the quarterly account all money-orders entered in the lists zleoeivedodfrom tli1(edU?2ed Stags, which remain unpaid at the end of e peri speci . rtio o .) On the other hand, the Post Omoo Department of the United States shall, at the close of each month transmit to the Jamaica Omoo, for entry in the quarterly account, a detailed statement of all orders, included m the l1sts_ gespatched from the latter omoe, which, under this Artic e become vox . O Anzrronn 12. At the close of each quarter an account hall be prepared at the Accounts to be General Post Omoo of J amsuca, showing in detail the totals of the lists

{*d¤¤’¤•i ¢i¤¤·· ooutamiug the particulars of orders issued in either Country during the

Y" quarter, and the balance resulting from such transactions. Three copies of thisaocount shall be transmitted to the Post Omoo Balances, psy- Department of the United States at Washington and the balance, after

      • °***_P£ ‘ proper verification shall, if due by the Post Omoo Department of the

United_ States, be paid at Kingston, but, if duo by the Jamaica Post gilivclo, shall be paul at New York, and in the money of the country e paymen is mad· e. Payments may also be made in Money, or by Drafts or by Bills of Exchange on points other than Kingston or New York, by mutual agree ment between the two Departments. lf, pending the settlement of an account one of the two Postal Ad- _ Balanfes pens- immstratzons shall ascertain that it owes_ the other a balance exceed-

      • 8 8** ¤***¤¤*· gnrgmlgyg tgonizatnd •lolll1a•rs_($5,c000) the tindebtteld administratipn shtall

in ap xuna amoun o s · to ' of the other; but nothing herein contained shall preveiit suohaadminzagnoggpugommcxpzting a lesser amount than Five thousand dollars , non. For-n¤··c »··n,¤ This account and the letters h' h ac m s h ‘ term diate · "E»” "F»" :‘G·" shalloge ixkbalccgrdango isith. the gs *:1 OJ13D," :E," "£`°” anne toouvention.