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924 (JONVENT1ON—PORTUGAL. J ULY 15, 1882. A. Msrca de dia do oorreio de New York. Relaeao No. —-·- List No. -—— ` Stamp of New York Office. Bepartig§o postal de New York, N. Y., Post Onice, New York, N. Y., --— ——, 188-. T -;, 188-. Szzmon : SIB: Recebi a suarelaqio No.-- dntads —-·— no dia ——, 188-. I have received your List N0.--- of the ——· on the ——-, 188-. _ O exame feito dest; relaeio mostra a exaotidio dos numeros totsés. * ° The examination which has taken place has proved the correctness of the totals, viz : * Importaucias pages --—— dollars,--- centavos. . Amounts paidin --—dollars,—-cents. Em troca remelto 1.he junta (em duplicado) uma relagao. No. —-, sendo a somma total desta relacio ——- mis. In return I transmit to you herewith (in duplicate) a list, No. --, the total amount of the List being- reis. Queira examiner, completar, e devolver me a copia original desta relaqfao, accusando a sua recepglo e endossandoa. ` Be pleased to examine, complete, and return to me the original copy of this List, with your acknowledgement of its · receipt indorsed thereon. - ·· Son com respeito, I am, respectfully, neu obediente servo, your obedient servant, 0Directordo CorreiodeNewYorh,N.Y. Postmaster, New York, N. Y. A Repartioao dos Valles do Correio, Lisboa, Portugal. To the Honey Order Office, ‘ Lisbon, Portugal.

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