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952 TBEATY-MADAGASGAR. Mu 13, 1881. my 13, 1881. Treaty between the United States of America and Madagascar of Peace, ”'“"‘““"'°‘_" Friendshm and Commerce. Ooncluded at Antananarwo May 13, 1881; ' ratification advised by the Senate February 27, 1883; ratijied by the President March 10, 1883; ratified by the Ambassadors of the Queen of Mada ascar March 12, 1883; rati/ications exchanged at Washington Marc}? 12, 1883; proclaimed March 13, 1883. BY THE PRESIDENT on THE UNMED STATES or Ammmqa. A PROOLAMATION. Preamble. Whereas a treaty of peace, friendship and commerce between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Madagascar was con- " eluded and si gned by their respective plenipoten tiaries at An tan anarivo, on the 13th day of May in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty-one, which treaty in the English Malagasy languages is word for word as follows: - · [The following is the_English version:] manu., Whereas a treaty of friendship and commerce between the Government of Madagascar and the Government of the United States of 1;. s. rub, ms. America was concluded on the fourteenth of February, 1867, at Anta- ¢i¤•, 464. nanarivo, the capital of Madagascar, under which the most friendly relations between the two have existed up to the present time; and whereas Her Majesty Ranavalomanjaka, Queen of Madagascar, and his Excellency James A. Gartield, President of the United States of America, are both desirous, for the good and welfare of their respective countries, to maintai-u the present friendly relations, and to expand the commerce between the two countries; to prevent as far as possible complications and disputes between their respective subjects and citizens, and to proprovide more definitely the manner of executing the obligations of the · treaty and the adjustments of disputes that may arise in the future, the following articles of revision and addition to the treaty of the fourteenth of February, 1867, have been mutually agreed to and signed by Bavoninahitriniarivo 15th Honor, Oilieer of the Palace, Chief Secretary of State for Foreign Aifairs, on the part of the Government of Madagascar; and W. W. Robinson, United States Ccnéul for Madagascar, on the part of the Governmentof the United Statesof America, on the thirteenth _ day of May (seventeenth of Alakaosy), eighteen hundred and eighty-one. _ ABHCLE I. F¤’i°¤d¤hiP- The high contracting parties solemnly declare that there shall continue to be a nrm, inviolate peace, and a true and sincere friendship existing between them and their respective heirs and successors forever without war. Anrrotm H. .D°"M°". I""], 1. The dominion of each contracting party as well as the right of nlm °“ °‘ domicile of their inhabitants are sacred, and rio forcible possession of territory shall ever take place in either of them by the other party, por any domiciliary visits nor forcible entries be made to, or espionage ot; the houses of either party againgst the will of the occupants, except as hereinafter provided in Article VI., sections 4 and 23.