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TREATY—MADAGASCAR. MAY 13, 1881. 955 15, Such leases may be transferred; in which cases notice must be Transfer of given to the government author .ty of l\Iadagasc;u·. 1¤¤¤¤¤· 16. Citizens and protegés of the United States of America who come Passports. to Madagascar must present a passport from their government, or from some consul, certifying their nationality; otherwise they are liable to be prohibited from residing in Madagascar. 17, But after producing such passport, they shall be permitted to Protection, follow any occupation they wish; to print books or newspapers of a. 'i€}*¥¤·*?*°· mom} character, or any books or periodicals on literary, commercial, or ““““g‘ scientific subjects, provided they are not of an unlawful character; but shall not be permitted to publish seditious criticisms upon Her Majesty’s government. 18. United States citizens and protegés shall be permitted to pass Right of travel with or without merchandise, with their bearers, baggage, carriers, and ""?“'“E*’°d. *° °°" servants, through all parts of Madagascar which are under the control mm d1°m°°°‘ of a governor duly appointed by Her Majesty the Queen of Madagascar, with the exception of Ambohmianga, and Ambohmianambola, and Ampamfaravats, which places foreigners are not permitted to enter; and, in fact, be entitled to all privileges of commerce or other business, privilege, gf calling or profession granted to the most favored nation, so long as they most favored nado not intringe the laws of Madagascar. *`¤°¤ °¤*·¤¤d¤d- 19. The subjects of Her Majesty the Queen of Madagascar shall en- Becipmcalriszlm joy the same privileges in the United States of America. ;;;';:g;°*¤ °fM¤d· Ancrrcnn IV. 1. Commerce between_the people of the United States of America cummcme. and Madagascar shall be perfectly free, with all the privileges under which the most favored nations are now, or may hereafter be trading. _ 2. Citizens of the United States of America shall, however, pay a Dutyouexpcrts duty not exceeding ten per cent. on both exports and imports in Made- Md i¤¤P<>¤¤- gascar to be regulated by a tariff to be mutually agreed upon. 3. N,o other duties, such as tonnage, pilotage, quarantine, or light- Duty, etc., on house dues shall be imposed in ports of either country on the vessels *¤¤¤¤1¤- of the other, to which national vessels, or vessels of the most favored nations, shall not equally be liable. ‘ 4. Until Her Majesty the Queen shall decide to collect all duties in T¤¤‘iiYd¤¤y.h¤W ` money the import duty on American goods may be paid in money or P“V“b1°· . ’ in kind, on each kind of goods, at the option of the owner or eonsignee, · and according to e`tariil` that shall be agreed upon, not exceeding ten cent. . Pc;. This tacit? of customs dues shall be drawn up by the United States d T¤¤1‘m`¤f¤¤,5*·’·¤¤• consul and an officer delegated by Her Majesty’s Government for the purpose; within three months after the exchange of the ratification of this treaty, and shall be submitted to the two governments for approval; _ and the same shall be published within one year from the date of the exchange of the ratification of this treaty. And this tarif may be revised in the same way, in whole or upon any article or articles, at any time, upon the application of either government, should it be found rated too high or too low, in whole or upon any one article or articles of merchandise. _ _ 6. In case any article of import or export should be inadvertently _Amc1e not PW omitted from such tariif, the duty levied on such article shall be ten 3:* £°'°:;’t P3 per cent. ad valorem until the proper tariif on the same shall be agreed vd°x,,_ ` u on. P7. United States citizens and protegés are not allowed to import Munitions et munitions of war into Madagascar, except on orders from Her Magesty "'“'· the Queen of Madagascar. • 8. In regard to alcoholic liquors, the Malagasy Government may regu- U¢·>h<>ii¤U•1¤°*•· lute the importation according to its pleasure; or prohibit the importation altogether; or limit the importation as required; may levy as lugh