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• TREA'1‘Y—MADAGASCAR. l\lAY 13, 1881. 961 such vessel and cargo, he shall be punished according to the laws of Madagas ;ar. ` 7. The same protection shall be granted to Malagasv vessels attacked Like P¤>¤=<>**°¤, or plundered in the waters of the United States of America. ” $f;B,;" M“l“g”S>' Anrrcms IX. 1. American goods may be landed in bond to be reshipped to other Landingcfgoods ports without payment of duties, under the following rules: *;):;*5 6*;* ¤`¤· 2. When it may be desired to so land goods to be reshipped to other P ` ports, the owner of the goods, or the consignee, or master of the vessel, as the case may be, shall present to the local governor, or to the collector of customs, as the governor may direct, a correct invoice or manifest Invoice, Ofgocds of the goods so landed, showing values by detail when there are goods etc.,landed. ’ of diiferent kinds, or of difterent values, and quantities of each and the total value. 3. The Malagasy customs officers shall verify by inspection the goods Inspection or when landed with the invoice or manifest; then the owner, consignee, g<><*d¤; MDG- or master of the vessel, as the case may be, shall execute a. bond pay- able to the governor or collector of customs, as may be directed hy the local authority, conditioned to pay the established duties on such goods, or on such part of them as shall not have been reshipped within the period agreed upon, which period shall be mentioned in the bond as the ` date of its maturity. Then such goods may be stored on the premises of their owner or consignee, or in magazines rented by him for that purpose. 4. When he reships the goods, he will notify the party to whom this _UP¢>¤ Y¤¤i6<=¤· bond has been given to be present and again verify the goods with the gin °t,)‘;fg,"I¥§°’{;; invoice or manifest, when, if none are lacking, he will be entitled to the r,,,,{jm,,d_ return of his bond, or if the goods or any part of them are lacking, he must pay the duty as established by Article IV. on such as are not founld and reshipped, which will equally entitle him to receive back his bon Amrrcnn X. Her Majesty’s Government desires the development of the dormant D¤Y¤191>¤w¤t_ vi resources of the kingdom and the advancement of all the useful mechan- ;‘;;"?‘“i::‘Yj{5‘;Q:;‘c‘;;’£ ical and agricultural industries therein, and thereby to promote the best of gg,,,m1_ interests of commerce and Christian civilization by adoption and application of such modern improvements and appliances as shall be suita~ ble for such purposes and best adapted to the condition of Madagascar, and for the best interests of Her Majesty’s people; and toward the accomplishment of these objects, should any United States citizens or protegés of good character, and possessing the requisite qualitications for the special business proposed, desire to engage in such industries m Madagascar by investment of mpital or labor, or in teaching the people how to apply the modern improvements in the prosecution of the industries, their applications to the governm ent will be favorably I‘€081V0d. - and their propositions liberally entertained; and if they and the gov- _ _ ernment can agree upon terms they will be permitted to engage in such P °UPli£Pm_’£’ avocations by contracts, grants, commissions or salaries. . °“g“g°m 1 ° Anrrcnn XI. 1. It is agreed between the high contracting parties that the levy of be retaxes on United States citizens, as hereinbefore provided for condition :;§;°°"1 v °‘°°Y` ally in Article III., section 13, shall neverbe at a higher rate than shall be_ levied upon Her Majesty’s subjects for the same purposes and upon like values, except the special land tax hereinbefore provided for in Article . lll., section 12. _ 2. United States citizens and protegés shall not be deprived of any Privilegen, privileges relinquished by this treaty unless the same restrictions be xxn--61