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966TREATY-SERBIA—COMMERCIAL. Ocronmz 2-14, 1881. Antucnn X. Exceptions in The provisions of the preceding articles relative to the treatment in cases of local wif- all respects like the subjects of the most favored state shall not affect 6% °*°· the special facilities which have been or may be hereafter conceded on the part of one of the two states to neighboring states with respect to the local traffic between the conterminous frontier districts. Anrrcnn XI. Eqnslity l¤ mil- It is agreed that, as regards freight and all other facilities, goods oi {WY {msié;";} the United States, conveyed over Serbian railways, and Serbian goods £§c,°c0§:a.y_ conveyed over railways of the United States, shall be treated IH exactly the same manner as the goods of any other nation the most favored in that respect. Anrrcrn XII. counterfeiting. The high contracting parties, desiring to secure complete and eiiicient protection to the manufacturing industry of their respective citizens and subjects, agree that any counterfeiting in one of the two countries of the trade-marks affixed in the other on merchandise to show its origin and quality shall be strictly prohibited and repressed and shall give ground for an action of damages in favor of the injured parties to be prosecuted in the courts of the colmtry in which the counterfeit shall be proven. Ti-ade-marks. The trade-marks in which the citizens or subjects of one of the two countries may wish to secure the right of property in the other, must be registered exclusively, to wit: The marks of citizens of the United States in the Tribunal of Commerce at Belgrade, and the marks of Serbian subjects in the Patent Office at Washington, subject to the conditions and restrictions prescribed by the laws and regulations of the country in which the trademarks are registered. Anrrcnn XIH. Ships and cm- Ships of the United States and their cargoes shall in Serbia, and Serz¤¤¤- bian ships and their cargoes shall in the United States, from whatsoever Equal privileges, place arriving, and whatever may be the place of origin or destination etc. of their cargoes, be treated in every respect as the ships and cargoes of the most favored state. The preceding stipulation applies to local treatment, dues and charges in the ports, basins, docks, roadsteads, harbors and rivers of the two Eountrics, pilotage, and generally to all matters connected with navigaion. _1>i-ivilegis and Every favor or exemption in these respects, or any other privilege in l a v ¤ matters of navigation which either of the contracting parties shall grant g;;;,, am to a third power shall be extended immediately and unconditionally to ’ the other party. _ ‘ Aarlcnm XIV. Dura t i on an c The present treaty shall remain in force for ten years hom the day of ‘°'“"“““"“· the exchange of ratifications, and if twelve months before the expiration of that period neither of the high contracting parties shall have announced to the other its intention to terminate the said treaty, it shall remain obligatory until the expiration of one year from the day when - either of the high contracting parties shall have denounced it. The preceding stipulations shall come into force in the two countries one month after the exchange of ratiilcations. Asrrcm XV. inxchnugsorma The present treaty shall be ratified by the President of the United ‘ °"*"‘”· States of America, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof, and by His Highness the Prince of Serbia, and the ratidcations - shall be exchanged at Belgrade as soon as possible.