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PROCLAMATION S. Nos. 6, 7. 989 [No. 6.] BY THE Pnnsmmvr or THE UNITED STATES or Amznmca. " A PROCLAMATION. . Whereas it is provided by section twenty-four of an Act approved s¤p».sm1m·io,iasi. March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, entitled, “An Act to repeal timber-culture laws and for other purposes," “That the Presi· V0l.26,p;1103, dent of the United States, may, from time to tim set apart and reserve, in any State or Territory having public land bearing forests, in any part of the public lands wholly or in part covered with timber or undergrowth, whether of commercial value or not, as public reservations, and the President shall, by public proclamation, declare the establishment of such reservations and limits thereof" and Whereas, the lands hereinafter described are public and forest bearing, and on the thirtieth of March, last, I issued a proclamation in- V¤1-26,r-1565 tended to reserve the same as authorized in said act, but as some question has arisen as to the boundaries proclaimed being sufficiently definite to cover the forests intended to be reserved, Now, therefore, I Benjamin Harrison, President of the United States, rm: mmmion, for the purpose of removing any doubt and making the boundaries of w>‘°'““*¥· said reservation more deiinite, by virtue of the power in me vested by said act, do hereby issue this, my second, proclamation and hereby set apart, reserve and establish as a public reservation, all that tract of land situate in the State of Wyoming, embraced within the following boundary: "Beginning at a point on the parallel of forty-four degrees tihy min- Boundary amuse. utes north latitude, where said parallel is intersected by the east boundary of the Yellowstone National Park; thence due east along said parallel twenty-four and one half miles; thence due south to the parallel of forty-fourdegrem north latitude; thence due west along said parallel to its point of intersection with the west boundary of the State of Wyoniing; thence due north along said boundary to its intersection with the south bound ary of the Yellowstone National Park; thence due east along the south boundary of said Park to the southeast corner thereof; thence due north along the east boundary of said Park to the place of begin:1ing." And warning is hereby expressly given to all persons not to enter or Reserved from sitmake settlement upon the tract of land reserved by this proclamation. “°"‘““" In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be atlixed. Done at the City of Vfashington, this 10th day of September, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and ninety- [SEAL.] one, and of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and fifteenth. Bmw Hanmsou By the President: Wnmnm F WHARTON Acting Secretary of State. [No. 7.] Br THE Pmzsmmvr or THE Umrnn Srarns or Ammuca: A PROCLAMATION. VVl1ereas, by a written agreement, made on the twelfth day of June, S¤r¢¤¤¤>¤r1¤-1891· eighteen hundred and ninety, the Sac and Fox Nation of Indians, in rmmme. the Territory of Oklahoma, ceded and conveyed to the United States msirgnssiggmhgk of America all title or interest of said Indians in and to the lands