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PROCLAMATIONS. No. 17. ](')()9 [No. 17.] BY rmi Prmsmuwr or rr-m Um·rm> Sruns or Amaxrci. A PROCLAMATION. Whereas, pursuant to section 3 of the Act of Congress approved March12,1B92. October 1, 1890, entitled “An Act to reduce the revenue and equalize duties on imports, and for other purposes," the Secretary of State of v0i.zo,p.a1z. the United States of America communicated to the Government of Nicaragua the action of the Congress of the United States of America, with a view to secure reciprocal trade, in declaring the articles enumerated in said section 3 to be exempt from duty upon their importation into the United States of America: And whereas the Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of Nicaragua at Washington has communicated to the Secretary of State the fact that, in reciprocity for the admission into the United States of America free of aH duty of the articles enumerated in section 3 of said Act the Government of Nicaragua will, by due legal enactment, admit flee of all duty from and after April 15, 1892, into aH the C·>¤·¤¤¤:=ii¤1 •r- ports of entry of Nicaragua, the articles or merchandise named in the mnt mmm fgillowin g schedule, provided that the same be the product of the United tates: SCHEDULE S°h°d°l° Articles admitted of articles which the Republic of Nicaragua will admit free of all kind §'§,'Q’y¥°‘“"“““f'"°f of duty. 1. Animals, live. 2. Barley, Indian corn, wheat, oats, rye and rice. 3. Seeds of all kinds for agriculture and horticulture. 4. Live plants of all kinds. _ 5. Corn-meal. 6. Starch. 7. Beans, potatoes and all other vegetables, fresh or dried. 8. Fruits, fresh or dried. 9. Hay, bran and straw for forage. 10. Cotton-seed oil and all other products of said seed. 11. Tar, resin and turpentine. 12. Asphalt, crude or manufactured in blocks. 13. Quicksilver for mining purposes. 14. Coal, mineral or animal. 15. Fertilizers for land. 16. Lime and cement 17. Wood and lumber, in the rough, or prepared for building purses. p018. Houses of wood or iron. 19. Marble, in the rough or dressed, for fountains, grave-stones and building purposes. 20. Tools and implements for agricultural and horticultural purposes. 21. Wagons, carts and hand-carts. 22. Iron and steel, in rails for railroads and other similar uses, and structural iron and steel for bridges and building purposes.

 Wire, for fences, with or without barbs, clamps, posts, clips and

other accessories, of wire not less than three hues in diameter. 24. Machinery of all kinds for agricultural purposes, arts and trades, and parts of such machinery. 25. Motors of steam or animal power. 26. Forgers, water pumps of metal, pump hose, sledge hammers, drills for mining purposes, iron piping with its keys and faucets, crucibles for melting metals, iron water tanks and lightning rods. VOL 1;:1*11-li-1