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FIFTY-SECON D CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 147. 1892. 79 the same; the purchase of new and rare kinds of seeds, plants, and bulbs for propagating purposes; expense of material and labor in labeling and packing plants for distribution and transportation; the purchase of necessary pots, tubs, watering cans, and hose; the purchase of material for the destruction of insects, and other necessary items for the cultivation and improvement of the grounds and arboretum; the purchase of material for repairing and making roads and walks; the purchase of glass, paints, lumber, tin for rooting and spouting, and hardware, and for carpenters, painters, and all other mechanics, and the necessary material for keeping the conservatories and other structures in good repair ten thousand dollars. MUSEUM: To enable the Secretary of Agriculture to completely re- Museum. organize and systematize the present agricultural museum attached to the Department; for collecting, classifying, and naming cereals; collecting and modeling fruits, vegetables, and other plants, and for labor and material in preparing the same for the museum and other neces- ` sary expenses and supplies, four thousand dollars. Funmrrmn (Jesus Arm Rnrams: Repairing buildings, heating ap- rumram, cts", paratus, furniture, carpeting, matting, water and gas pipes, new fnrni- “‘d ’°P¤i*‘¤· ture, and all necessary material and labor for the same, including . lumber, hardware, glass, and paints, ten thousand dollars. Lmmrnrz Purchase of necessary books, periodicals, and papers, and mm,-, giruexpenses incurred in completing imperfect series, three thousand o ars. Posrhen: Postage on return letters, circulars, and miscellaneous romp. articles for correspondents and foreign mail, five thousand dollars. CoNrrNenNcr Exrnnsns: Stationery, twine, paper, gum, dry goods, Cvntingont rxsoap, brushes, brooms, mats, oils, paints, glass, lumber, hardware, ice, Pm"' fuel and lights, n·eight, express charges, advertising, telegraphing, purchasing supplies, and washing towels; the purchase, subsistence, and care of horses; the purchase and repair of harness; expenses of sales of old material; payment of duties on imported articles; actual traveling expenses while on business of the Department; and other miscellaneous supplies and expenses not otherwise provided for, and necessary for the practical and etheient work of the Department, twenty-five thousand dollars. Snmms AND EXPENSES, BUREAU UF ANIMAL INDUSTRY: For Bureau of Animal carrying out the provisions of the act of May twenty-ninth, eighteen I"§,§{§§‘g’,;_m_ hundred and eightytbur, establishing the Bureau of Animal Industry V¤1-23.p- 31. and of the act of August thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety, providing for an inspection of meats and animals, also the provisions of the act of March third, ei ghtecn hundred and ninety-one, providing for the vo1.2a,pp.4r4,1oso. inspection of live cattle, hogs and the carcasses and products thereof » which are the subjects of interstate and foreign commerce, and for other purposes, the sum of eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars; and the Secretary of Agriculture is hereby authorized to use any part _ of this sum he may deem necessary or expedient, and in such manner as he may think best, to prevent the spread of plenro-pneumonia and fPr{~·¤¤¢i¤z ¤rr¤e·i other diseases of animals, and for this purpose to employ as many per- gm? °°”°”°°°`°m°` sons as he may deem necessary, including one thousand dollars additional temporary compensation to the Chief of the Bureau of Animal Auowrmmemsr. Industry, and to expend any part of this sum in the purchase and destruction of diseased or exposed annuals, and the quarantine of the same whenever in his judgment it is essential to prevent the spread of pleuro-pneumonia or other diseases of animals, from one State into another, and for printing and publishing such reports relating to animal industry as he may direct; and the Secretary is hereby authorized to rent a suitable building in the District of Columbia, at an annual rental T·¤l>·>¤*<>¤‘¥- of not exceeding one thousand two hundred dollar·s, to be used as a laboratory for said Bureau of Animal Industry: Provided, That fifteen mum. thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, may be ex- _1m—e¤ugru¤g¤ me pended in continuation of the investigations and experiments, to be “"°°"“·