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Q4 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 158. 1892. M¤¤k¤z¤¤· mm Improving harbor at Muskegon, Michigan : Continuing improvement, seventy-five thousand dollars. _ _ _ 0¤¤>¤¤¤¤¤.Mi¤¤- Improving harbor at Ontonagon, Michigan: Contrnuing _1mprovement, twenty thousand dollars. _ Pentw¤te·r,Mich. Improving harbor at Pentwater, Michigan: Continuing rmprovement, five thousand dollars. _ sua Bench. Man. Improving harbor of refuge at Sand Beach, Michigan: For repairs, custody, control of harbor, dredging and beginning construction of permanent superstructure, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. sm: .m¤ph. Mm. Improving harbor at Saint Joseph, including Benton Harbor Canal, Michigan: Continuing improvement, sixty thousand dollars, of which one thousand dollars may be expended on the Saint Joseph River, in the discretion of the Secretary of War. The Cincinnati, Wabash and useonm. Michigan Railroad Company, owners of the lands abutting on the north side of Saint Joseph River and harbor, shall have the right to load and unload treight over the east three hundred feet of the wing dam or wall constructed at the entrance to Benton Harbor Canal, in the harbor at Saint Joseph, Michigan, under such regulations and orders as may be approved by the Secretary of War; said right to be at any time revocable by him or Congress after twenty days’ notice to said company; and in consideration thereof the said railroad company shall, at their own proper cost and expense, rebuild, repair, renew, and protect the said three hundred feet of wing dam; all such rebuilding, repairs, and renewals to be done under the direction of the Chief of Engineers of the United States Army. South Haven. Mich- Improving harbor at South Haven, Michigan: Continuing improvement ten thousand dollars. wma mn, men. Improving harbor at White Lake, Michigan: Continuing improvement, five thousand dollars. hmmm Mich Improving harbor at Marquette, Michigan: Continuing improvement, eighty thousand dollars. 1.¤·u¤gm,1n¤n. Improving harbor at Ludington, Michigan: Continuing improvements, five thousand dollars. 1’¤¢¤¤ky.m¤n. Improving harbor at Petosky, Michigan: Continuing improvement, twenty thousand dollars, which amount, together with the sum approver zs,p.4aa. priated for this harbor in the act of September nineteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety, shall be used in the improvement of the harbor according to the plans for the smaller of the two projects submitted in the report of December twenty-iirst, eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, and printed in the annual report for eighteen hundred and ninety pages twenty-six hundred and seventy-tour and twenty-six hundred and seventy-ive. Ssugntuck. Inch- Improving harbor at Saugatuck, Michigan: Continuing improvement, five thousand dollars. Aimpa-,wn. Improving harbor at Ahnapee, Wisconsin: Continuing improvement, seven thousand dollars. omurnywa. Improving harbor at Green Bay, Wisconsin, twenty-five thousand dollars, to be expended on the existing project and in seeming a sixteenfoot channel, in accordance with the recommendation of Major James F. Gregory, Corps of Engineers, submitted under date of February rrtmo. twelfth, eighteen hundred and ninety-two: Provided, That five thousand In mm-. dollars of said smn may, in the discretion of the Secretary of War, be expended on the Fox River, below De Pere, Wisconsin. Kenosha, wa. Improving harbor at Kenosha, Wisconsin: Continuing improvement, fifteen thousand dollars, not exceeding two thousand five hundred dollars of which may be expended in dredging the inner harbor. xswmm, wu. Improving harbor at Kewaunee, Wisconsin: Continuing improvement, thirty thousand dollars. irmmewtewss. Improving harbor at Manitowoc, Wisconsin: Continuing improvement, and maintenance twenty-eight thousand doHars. 1¤1w¤¤k•>¤. Wi-- _ Improving harbor of refuge at Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Continuing nnprovement, seventy-five thousand dollars.