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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 158. 1892. ]_ 15 TENNESSEE. Tennessee. Sequatchie River. Duck River. Hiawassee River in Tennessee from its confluence with the Tennessee River to the mouth of the Ocoee River. ' Wolf River. Harbor at Memphis, including removal of bar forming opposite the upper part of the city, and bank protection along the city front. Emory River, from its mouth to Harriman.


Channel through Sabine Lake from Sabine Pass to mouths of Sabine and N eches Rivers. Sabine River, nom Sudduth’s Bluff to Logansport, Louisiana. Brazos River, irom its mouth to the town of Richmond. ·· From the mouth of N eches River to Shooks Blufli Sulphur River from its mouth to Sulphur Station. VERMONT.Vermont. Harbor at Adams Landing, so called, on . Grand Isle, and North Hero Harbor, on Lake Champlain. . VIRGINIA. virginia. Milford Haven, bar at mouth. Morattico Creek, obstruction at mouth. Little Wicomico River, obstruction at mouth. Harbor at Petersburg and Appomattox river, for diversion of waters to Old North Channel above city. WASHINGTON' Washington. Snohomish River irom mouth to Lowell. Lewis River from its mouth to Speliah Creek. `Nooksack River, with a view of removing obstructions, straightening channel to prevent jams and the iilling of Bellingham Bay with deposits of earth. Everett Harbor, including mouth of Snohomish River. Upper Columbia River, Washington, from the international boundary to Rock Island Rapids. WISCONSIN. S wmmim Lake Pepin, whether additional harbors of retnge are necessary, and if necessary, where the same should be located. * Green Bay, from light-house to ilrst bridge on Fox River. Harbor at Stockbridge on Lake Winnebago. Harbor at Calumet on Lake Wiiinebago. Fox River, on the necessity and advisability of building a protection wall on the canal at Kaukauna. Allouez Bay and Nemadji River, at Superior. . Sec. 7. That the preliminary examinations ordered in this act shall ruinmmry exam} be made by the local engineer in charge of the district, or an engineer “““°“”· detailed for the purpose; and such local or detailed engineer and the division engineer of the locality shall report to the Chief of Engineers, mm iirst, whether, in their opinion, the harbor or river under examination is worthy of improvement by the General Government, and shall state in such report hilly and particularly the tacts and reasons on which ¤¤¤¤¤¤· they base such opinions, including the present and prospective demands of commerce; and, second, if worthy of improvement by the General Government, what it will cost to survey the same, with the view of