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128 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 164. 1892. and fifty-one dollars and thirty-two cents; in all, four thousand nine hundred and sixty-six dollars and nineteen cents. Mold-. MOLELS. soma. For pay of teachers and for manual-labor schools, and for all neces- · sary materials therefor, and for the subsistence of the pupils, per V0L12»P·”r second article of treaty of December twenty-first, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, three thousand dollars. rmrqm. moz Pmncms. sermon. For salaries of two matrons, to take charge of the boarding schools, and two assistant teachers, one farmer, one carpenter, and two millers, v.,;, umm, per fifth article of treaty of June ninth, eighteen hundred and sixty- three, six thousand dollars. “1::_r:;¤;z_¤¤·y: N01:·r1mnN CHEYENNES AND ARAPAHOES. sumamm. For subsistence and civilization of the Northern Cheyennes and v»r.1o,;rzs¢. Arapahoes, as per agreement with the Sioux Indians, approved February twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, seventy-five thousand dollars; cmu;. For twenty-fourth of thirty installments, for purchase of clothing, as v¤,p.¤s1. per sixth article of treaty of May tenth, eighteen hundred and sixty- pm:". eight, seventeen thousand dollars: Provided, That the amount in this and mmm. preceding paragraph shall be expended pro rata, as near as may be, for the Northern Cheyennes and Arapahoes in Wyoming, and on the Tongue River, in Montana; For pay of physician, two teachers, two carpenters, one miller, two vat repose. farmers, a blacksmith, and engineer, per seventh article of same treaty, nine thousand dollars; in all, one hundred and one thousand dollars. 0•¤s••- - OBAGES. name. For interest on sixty-nine thousand one hundred and twenty dollars, at live per centum per annum, being value of fifty-four sections of land var -1,;..24:1:. set apart by treaty of June second, eighteen hundred and twenty-five, for educational purposes, per Senate resolution of January ninth, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, three thousand four hundred and fifty- six dollars. . dgtm wi M*·•·¤· ororzs arm mrssomzus. For tenth of twelve installments, being the last series, in money or V0l.I0,p.1W» otherwise, per fourth article of treaty of March fifteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, five thousand dollars. - rams". PAWNEES.‘ Annuity. For perpetual annuity, at least one—half of which is to be paid in goods and such articles as may be deemed necessary for them, per vtr xrnm. second article of treaty of September twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and fifty-seven, thirty thousand dollars; For support of two mauual~labor schools, per third article of same treaty, ten thousand dollars; For pay of two farmers, two blacksmiths, and two apprentices, one miller and apprentice, and two teachers, one shoemaker, and one carpenter, five thousand four hundred dollars; For pay of physician and purchase of medicines, one thousand tu o hundred dollars; For purchase of iron and steel and other necessaries for the shops, v¤in,p.1ao. as per fourth ar·ticle of treaty of September twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and fifty-seven, ive hundred dollars; in all, forty-seven thousand one hundred dollars.