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FIFTY-SEOON D CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 165. 1892. 147 railway postal clerks traveling on duty under order of the Postmaster- General. For necessary and special facilities on trunk lines, one hundred and Spcvinlwciiitics. ninety-six thousand six hundred and fourteen dollars and twenty-two cents. For miscellaneous items, five hundred dollars. Mi¤·=¤¤¤¤¢0¤¤· For transportation of toreign mails, one million one hundred and two roman msn. thousand two hundred and ninety dollars, said amount being made up Rm,,,0pm,,°u_ of the unexpended balances of appropriations for the same object for the tiscal years eighteen hundred and ninety-one and eighteen hundred Vvl- 20. pp. 208. 1081. and ninety-two, amounting to five hundred and two thousand one hundred and sixty dollars and eighty-one cents and the additional sum of six hundred thousand one hundred and twenty-nine dollars and nineteen cents: Provided, That hereafter the Postmaster-General shall Promo. be authorized to expend such sums as may be necessary, not exceeding .;,?,i$’k° °“ “"°“‘“` fifty-five thousand dollars, to cover one-half of the cost of transportation, compensation, and expense of the clerks to be employed in assorting and pouching mails in transit on steamships between the United States and other postal administrations in the International Postal Union. For balance due foreign countries, eighty-seven thousand Eve hun- Bama ate amizn umu (mum. °°““ "°“· OFFICE on THE THIRD Assrsrnur Posrnusrmn-GENERAL. ,,Tl¤i¤i A¤5¤i¤¢¤¤= ostmaster-(Jenernl. For manufacture of adhesive postage and special-delivery stamps, two S¢=¤¤1>¤- hundred and nineteen thousand seven hundred dollars. For pay of agents and assistants to distribute stamps, and expenses Di¤¤ib¤¤<>¤· of agency, nine thousand dollars. For manufacture of stamped envelopes, newspaper wrappers, and Stamped envelopes. letter sheets, one million and forty-seven thousand dollars: Provided, promo. That it shall not be lawful after the thirtieth day of September, eighteen rramea return m. hundred and ninety-four, for the Postmaster-General to have requests g;f_fj_ ""* '° ’~’° """· for the return of letters printed upon any envelope sold by any post- 1·‘ort.p.733. _ master or by the Post—Office Department: Provided jurther, That the P¤{_‘·_:;i¤¤il>¤0 1>¤i¤*<~1 Post-Office Department may continue after the thirtieth day of Septe1n— mu"' be1·, eighteen hundred and ninety-four, to furnish in any quantity stamped envelopes containing the following words: “If not delivered in ten days, return to": Providcdj2u·tlm·, That this provision shall l10b nxaqnug comms be construed to interfere in any wise with existing contracts for fur- “""‘"°°“’“· nishing stamped envelopes or newspaper wrappers. For pay of agent and assistants to distribute stamped envelopes, Di¤¤‘ib¤fi0¤- newspaper wrappers, and letter sheets, and expenses of agency, seventeen thousand eight hundred dollars. {or manufacture of postal cards, two hundred and twelve thousand P0¤¤01¢¤¤l¤· dollars. For pay of agent and assistants to distribute postal cards, and ex- 1>i¤¤ri¤»¤¢i•>n. penses of agency, seven thousand eight hundred dollars. For registered-package, tag, official, and dead-letter envelopes, one 00******* ¤¤=·· •=¤'°l· hundred and sixteen thousand dollars. d Eor ship, steamboat, and way letters, one thousand four hundred S’“¥’·°*°·**°“°'“· o ars. For engraving, printing, and binding drafts and warrants, three P*i¤**¤g·•¤*¤··dP¤f°¤· thousand two hundred dollars. For miscellaneous items, five hundred dollars. ““‘°°"’“'°°“ OFFICE or rim rounrn Assrsraivr Posrmsrnn-Gunmen. P0*,;gl;::sg},·r_(=;-:_j;;j_L¤¤* For mail depredations and post-oflice inspectors, and fees to United M““d*P'°“°“°"°· States marshals, attorneys, and the necessary incidental expenses connected therewith, two hundred and thirty-five thousand dollars.