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FIFTY-SECON D CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 171. 1892. 157 the number of front feet of each lot or parcel of land so fronting; such assessment shall becollected in the same manner as other taxes are collected on real estate in the District of Columbia. All contracts for such grading and macadamizing of said street and avenue in excess of the ten thousand dollars heretofore appropriated as aforesaid shall be made payable and be paid out of the money derived from the taxes to be collected as herein provided. For Harewood road (widening, grading, and extending to Bates road), H”°"°°d ’°“d' five thousand dollars: Provided, That there is dedicated to the District P*¤¤¤¤~· of Columbia enough of the abutting land on each side of said Hare- _D¤dic=m¤¤ of abut wood road to make said road ninety feet wide (the cost of removing °"‘gl“"d and rebuilding the Soldiers’ Home east gate lodge, and the fencing, to be paid for out of said appropriation); and the board of commissioners of the Soldiers’ Home is hereby authorized to dedicate its share of the abutting land, and to allow the said road to be so widened, graded, and improved where it abuts on the So1diers’ Home grounds: Provided _ further, That the extension to the Bates road shall be dedicated along BMS ¤¤=·d· such line as may be approved by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia: And provided further, That nothing herein contained shall E""°P**°“- apply to that portion of the Harewood road between the Soldiers’ Home and the National Cemetery. For Linden street, from Pomeroy to College, five thousand dollars; in all, fifty thousand five hundred dollars. _ CONDEMNATION or Srnmicrs, Roiins, ALLEYS: For condemnation ,,§‘],‘{§°$§?“‘°“ °f of streets, roads, and alleys, two thousand nve hundred dollars: And provided further, That the Commissioners of the District of Colum- Pwmo. bia be and they are hereby authorized and directed to open by condem- opening of Thirty- nation and extend Thirty-seventh street between Back street and Ten- “‘"°""" °"°°‘· nallytown road, so called, at or near Schneider Lane, so soon as the ground neccessary therefor shall have been donated for that purpose, or money to pay for such ground shall have been provided and paid into the Treasury of the United States. SPRINKLING, SWEEPING, AND CLEANING: For sprinkling, sweeping, SW<=·¤I>*¤g·<=*·=- and cleaning streets, avenues, alleys, and suburban streets, one hundred and ten thousand dollars. Fon rms: PARKING COMMISSION: For contingent expenses, including s,£j·*ki¤&¢ C<>¤·¤¤i¤· laborers, cart hire, trees, tree boxes, tree stakes, tree straps, planting ' and care of trees on city and suburban streets, whitewashing, care of parks, and miscellaneous items, eighteen thousand dollars. LIGHTING: For illuminating material, lighting, extinguishing, re- ‘·*¤*“"¤¤· pairing, and cleaning public lamps on avenues, streets, roads, and alleys, and for purchasing and erecting new lamp-posts and lanterns, moving lamp-posts, painting lamp-posts and lanterns, and replacing lamp-posts and lanterns damaged or uniit for service, one hundred and torty-one thousand dollars: Provided, That no more than twenty-one i’·’¢¤>¤·>•- dollars and fifty cents per annum for each street lamp shall be paid for Maximum cmgas or oil, lighting, extinguishing, repairing and cleaning, under any expenditure provided for in this act; and said lamps shall burn not less than three thousand hours per annum: Provided, That before any expenditures are made from the appropriations herein provided for, the contracting gas companies shall equip each street lamp with a self-reg R¤g¤1¤wr¤· ulating burner and tip, so combined and adjusted as to secure, under all ordinary variations of pressure and density, a consumption of six cubic feet of gas per hour. _ _ _ For electric lighting, including necessary expenses of inspection, on H°°"‘° *‘g*"“‘g· one or more of the principal streets in the cities of Washington and Georgetown, maintaining existing service, and necessary extensions, fiftymine thousand five hundred dollars: Provided, That not more than Promofifty cents per night shall be paid for any electric arc light burning Maximum cm. every night from sunset to sunrise, and operated wholly by means of underground wires; and each arc light shall be of not less than one thousand actual candle power, and no part of this appropriation shall