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206 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 196. 1892. Oklahoma. TERRITORY OF OKLAHOMA: For salary of governor, two thousand hy "‘g°'°"‘°"·°‘°· six hundred dollars; chief justice and two associate judges, at three thousand dollars each; and secretary at ono thousand eight hundred dollars; thirteen thousand four hundred dollars. ¤·>sgs*i¤ 8***** °=· For contingent expenses of the Territory, to be expended by the gov- %,i,».¤‘-..¤,.m... mm, um ummm dorm. For legislative expenses, namely: For pay of members and officcrs of tho legislative assembly, mileage, rent of rooms for the legislature and committees, furniture, stationery, printing, tual, lights and incidentals; rout of office, furniture, fuel, lights, stationery, clerk hire, printing, postage, i record oasings, messenger and porter for secro» tary’s 0H0c; t thousand two hundred and fifty dollars. vm_ Tmmrronv or rut: For salary of governor, two thousand six Pu ·•f z·>v<·¤··¤·¤•¢· hundred dollars; chief justice and three associate judges, at three thousand dollars each; and secretary at one thousand eight hundred dollars; sixteen thousand four hundred dollars. Cqnfin gent gx- For ccutillgent axmnm of tha Territory, to b$ Gxpendldd the g0V* v¤¤··~j—· crucr, seven hundred and fifty dollars. I·°¤"“"‘°*'°°"*’°““°“· For legislative expenses, namely: For contingent expenses of sourctary’s officc, one thousand iivo hundred dollars. UM ·¤·>¤·¤¤¤*°¤· For the salaries of the ilvc commissioners appointed under an aut; onv°‘·°*’· " 3* titled “An actto amend section iifby-three hundred and fifty-two ot the · Revised Statutes of tho United States in reference to bigamy, and for other purposos,” approved March twenty-second, eighteen hundred and PM*•·- eighty-two, at two thousand dollars each, ten thousand dollars: Pro- Arx··>¤¤¤¤¤¤•=¤· vided, That commissioners hereafter appointed shall be residents of tho Territory of Utah. F¤¤•*¤¤•=•- For the following expenses of the Commission, namely: For traveling

 expenses, printing, stationery, clerk hire, and office rent, seven thou-

P'°"""’· sand dollars: Provided, That out of this sum tho Commission is hereby S°°*°“'Y· authorized to pay the secretary of the Territory, who is its soorctary and disbursin g agent, so reasonable sum {0I' such service, not exceedingthree hundred dollars, for the ism] year eighteen hundred and ninety- two. 1‘“°°'*°“°‘“°°”· For compensation of tho odloors of election, including contingent oxpensos, twenty-tivo thousand dollars. Mi¤•ji¤¤v¤•=¤•·¤· Mmm Iusrxacrouss For salaries of three mine inspectors, author- V'"- "· *’· “°‘ ized by the not approved March third, eighteen hundred and ninety- one, for the {>rot,ection of the lives of miners in the Territories, at two- E“"’“'""‘ thousand do lars per annum each; for por diem, subject to such rules and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe, in lieu of subsistence at a. rate not exceeding three dollars per day each, whileabsent from their homes on duty, and for actual necessary traveling oxpenscs of said inspectors, five thousand dollars; in ull, eleven thousand dollars. Wm- Mpartrnent. WAIE DEPARTMENT. A;;;}:`;; jj·‘¤‘•**¤¤‘· 1°ore·ompeusation of the Secretary of War, eight thonsmnd dollars;. `Assistant Secretary, tour thousand five hundred dollars; chief clerk, two thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars; disbursing clerk, two thousand dollars; three chiefs of division, at two thousand dollars each; two stenographors, at one thousand eight hundred dollars ouch; tivo clerks of class tour; five clerks of class three; uiuc clerks of class two; twenty-ono clerks of class ono; seven clerks, at one thousand dollars each; four messengers; seven assistant messengers; eight laborers; e·arpontcr, one thousand dollars; foreman of laborers, one thousand dollars; one hostlcr, six hundred dollars; two hostlers, as five hundred and forty dollars cavh; and ono walchman, at Evo hundred and forty dollars; in all, ono hundred and six thousand five hundred and fifty dollars.