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228 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. SEss. I. Ch. 197. 1892. Schedule B. SCHEDULE B., GONSULAR. SERVICE. S“***°¤· Consul-general at Havana, six thousand dollars; €<·¤¤¤1¤-:¤¤¤¤l· Consu1s—general at London, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, at five thousand dollars each, fifteen thousand dollars. Consuls-general at Shanghai and Calcutta, at five thousand dollars 4 each, ten thousand dollars; Consul-general at Melbourne, four thousand ive hundred dollars; Consuls- general at Berlin, Montreal, Kanagawa, Panama, Mexico (city), and Honolulu, at four thousand dollars each, twenty-four thou- — sand dollars; ‘ Consuls-general at Halifax and Vienna, at three thousand five hundred dollars each, seven thousand dollars; Consuls-general at Apia, Constantinople, Dresden, Ecuador, Frankfort, Ottawa, Rome, Saint Petersburg, and Saint Galle, at three thou— sand dollars each, twenty-seven thousand dollars; Consul general at Nuevo Laredo, two thousand five hundred dollars; Consul-general at Tangier, two thousand dollars; Total, ninetyeight thousand dollars. C¤¤¤¤l¤·°*·°- For salaries of consuls, vice·consuls, and commercial agents, three hundred and ninety-seven thousand dollars, as follows namely: Consul at Liverpool, five thousand dollars. Consul at Hongkong, five thousand dollars. mcxgmudd *€°¤*~ For salary and expenses of acommercial agent at Boma, in the Lower Kongo Basin, with authority to visit and report upon the commercial resources of the Upper and Lower Kongo basins, their products, their minerals, their vegetable wealth, the openings for American trade, and to collect such information on the subject of that country as shall be thought of interest to the United States, five thousand dollars. crm 11, camo • CLASS II. y28L Ai;) three thousand five hundred dollars per annum hina: Consuls at Amoy, Canton, and ’1‘ien·Tsin. France: Consul at Havre. Peru: Consul at Callao. cms 111, ::,000 s CLASS III. fC8K'. At three thousand dollars per annum. Austria: Consul at Prague. Belgium: Consul at Antwerp. Chile: Consul at Valparaiso. Colombia: Consul at Colon (Aspinwall). China: Consuls at Chin Kiang, Fuchau, and Hangkow. France: Consul at Bordeaux. Germany: Consul at Barmen. Great Britain and British Dominions: Consuls at Belfast, Bradford, Demerara, Glasgow, Kingston (Jamaica), Manchester, and Singapore.