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4 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 8-10. 1892. act to amend an act entitled ‘An act for the construction of a bridge at South Saint Paul, Minnesota,’” approved February twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, be, and hereby is, amended as follows: First, by striking out section one of said bill as amended and substituting in lieu thereof the following: _ cnmge or imma “That the South Saint Paul Belt Raikoad Company, its successors •¤*h°*’i¤°d- and assigns, be, and they are hereby, authorized to construct and mam- _ tain, at a point suitable to the interest of navigation a railroad bridge, or a combined railroad, wagon, and foot passenger bridge, across the Mississippi River from a suitable point on its west bank, at or near the ` city of South Saint Paul, in the State of Minnesota, and within the limits ramaou. of section two, township twenty-seven, range twenty-two west, to acorresponding point on its east bank, and to lay on or over said bridge a ~ railroad track or tracks for the more perfect connection of any railroad or railroads that are or shall be constructed to said river, on either or both sides thereof, at or opposite said places, under the limitations and conditions hereinafter provided; that said bridge shall not interfere with the free navigation of said river beyond what is necessary to carry into effect the rights and privileges hereby granted- and in case of mnpuu. any litigation arising from any obstruction or alleged obstruction to the free navigation of said river, or damage resulting from the same, the cause may be tried before the circuit court of the United States in and for any district in which any portion of said bridge or obstruction touches; said bridge may, at the option of the company building the runway, orrailway, same, be constructed to provide for the passage of railroad trains alone,

 "'I ‘°°'° or for the passage of railroad trains and for the safe passage of wagons

and vehicles of all kinds, for the transit of animals and for foot passenmn. gers, all for such reasonable rates of toll as may be fixed from time to time by the Secretary of War." Wl. U. va TL 788, Second, by striking out section seven of said bill and substituting in "'"ML lieu thereof the following, to wit: ram no construe- “Sec. 7. That this act shall be null and void if actual construction Em} of the bridge herein authorized be not commenced within one year and completed within three years from the date of the approval of these amendments! Approved, February 15, 1892. rebmny 15, gm. p¤€g%t?v?;—5‘€.h8¤tg:1 change Nw votporlb name of the National Safe Deposit Com. Be it enactedty the Senate cmd House rglltepreamttatiees of the United imma ssa Do States of America in Congress assembled, at the corporate name of the {5;}:; c§:_Qf,§,F_ *"" National Safe Deposit Company of Washington, a body corporate now 1Y{$::h¤n%l- doing business in the District of Columbia and incorporated under an ‘ *"‘ ‘ act of Congress entitled “An act to incorporate the National Safe De posit Company, of Washington, in the District of Columbia,” approved January twenty-second, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, be, and the same is hereby, changed to, and shall hereafter be, “The National Safe Deposit, Savings and Trust Company, of the District of Columbia! Approved, February 18, 1892. a I _ CHAP. 10.—AD B l · S' -·———————-—-I" mm 26 lm merchandise withoutctfppzaisjcdmxetdtitlbctlgdlpvdlrtiff Sintnddligkytaghligftahou of dutmbh Be it enacted by the Senate and House o R resentatives 0 the ° m@m0,_ States of America in Congress assmnblcdj That the privilbges Zdfmthe tags: m. seventh section of the act approved June tenth, eighteen hundred and