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286 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 311. 1892. °<·¤°*¤=;¤* ,•==· Cozvrmemwr Exrnnsn Iivnnrnunmnr TRRASURY: For contingent ’i°»`Q$ryi° thexpenses under the requiliements of section thirty-six hundred and U} S-- we W3. 1»· fifty-three of the Revised Statutes of the United States, for the colleo ‘ tion, safe-keeping, transfer, and disbnusement of the public money, anu. gu transportation of notias, bonds, and other securities of the United _ tates, five thousand dollars. “'f;i§j?°'““°“· ’“‘ TRANSPORTATION or Smvnn Conv: For transportation of silver coin, including fractional silver coin, by registered mail or otherwise, fifteen thousand dollars. gteyygzgwv- LIFE SAv11m Snnvion: To reimburse the keeper of the Point aux sem; °°° Barques Life-Saving Station for moneys expended by him for subsist-. ence of himself and crew on the occasion of the wreck of the barge E,. Cohen, during the month of October, eighteen hundred and ninety,. seventydive dollars. ptmaatnuu. PAYMENT ·ro Lotus Dns Bums: To pay Louis des Biens for serv—. “’“""”° °' ices as guide and woodsman in connection with a search party, consisting of Lieutenant Frederick G. Dodge and two men, sent out in January, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, by Captain C. L. Hooper,. commanding the revenue steamer Corwin, for the relief of the crew of nine men of the American schooner Dare, of San Francisco, wrecked near Bonilla Point, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and in dau ger of dying irom hunger and exposure, forty dollars. g°°YK°$'Z:d¤dl¤. PAYMENT T0 GEORGE S. PRINDLE: To pay George S. Prindle,. “""°"specialassistant United States attorney, for professional services in. examining the patent for the Courtenay automatic whistling buoy in. the interests of the light-house service, seventy-five dollars. n..n..m¤anwu1.. ro BENHAM AND Dov11.1.n: To reiimd to Bonham and. R°""‘° °°’ Doville, owners of the steam barge Edward S. Pease, that portion of a fine of one hundred dollars imposed upon them for a violation of sec- 8591:. s.. na. em r. tion forty-four hundred and thirty-eight of the Revised Statutes, since. ‘ remitted by the Secretary of the Treasury; the original smn having geen paid and covered into the Treasury prior to said remission, ninety Owgab ¤¤·¤·¤¤. Rmmmn ro WADDLE Bnocmmns Aim ORA C. McCR1:ARr: To re-. '§,m{°3?'”’ fund to Waddle Brothers and Ora C. McCreary the sum of fifty dollars. each, being one-half of a fine imposed upon each party for a violation s. s., me. usa, p. of section forty-four hundred and thirtyeight of the Revised Statutes,

  • 5**- since remitted by the Secretary of the Treasury; the original sums.

having been paid and covered into the Treasury prior to the said re~ mission, one hundred dollars. gezrieggm-of Rnrmm ro nuns or CRARr..Rs Wrnsouz To refund to the heirs of “‘ ’ Charles Wilson, late master of the schooner Regalia, one·ha1f of a une- 8} S-. w- •¤¤•— r- imposed upon said Wilson for a violation of section forty-three hundred " and iiity-nine, of the Revised Statutes, since remitted by the Secretary . of the Treasury, the original sum having been paid and covered into the Treasury prior to the said remission, ten dollars. m.1··.R.m.. Rnrrzivn ro IDA F. Howes: To refund to Ida F. Howes, owner of “°’“"'* *°· the schooner Josie Crowley, a fine imposed upon said party for a violan. s., me. mc, p. tion of section forty-three hundred and thirty-six of the Revised Stat~ W- utes, since remitted in whole by the Secretary of the Treasury, the original sum having been paid and covered into the Treasury prior to the said remission, one hundred dollars. supprusingcrimes. SUPPRESSING COl’NTERFEITING AND OTHER CRIMES: For the nec- 1:. s.. soc. nm, p. essary investigation of violations of section fifty-two hundred and nine '°°"‘ of the Revised Statutes, seven thousand five hundred dollars.

tié.¥te¤. Rnrrivn ro J. G. ALLEN
  • To retimd to J . G. Allen so much of the

" °‘ une and costs imposed upon him by the United States court for the district of Kentucky, in November, eighteen hundred and ninety, from which he was relieved by a pardon granted by the President May twenty-second, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, seventy-two dollars. and eighteen cents.