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304. rrrrrsnoonn oorronnss. sms. 1. on. :-.11. 1892. Judgmenis, Court or To William D. McKinstry, one thousand eight hundred and twenty- °*¤*¤·¤·°°¤¤*¤¤··*- six (mime and eighty-ax cms; To Frank Ives, one hundred and ninety-five dollars; - To Alfred B Mullet, sixty-six dollars and eighty-six cents; To John Finn, nfteen thousand six hundred and seventy-seven dollars and forty cents; To Alfred Pasqueau, twenty-six thousand dollars; To William J. Gaudin, ninety-one dollars and sixty cents; To William J. Gaudin, one hundred and seventy-tive dollars and fiftyalive cents; To Houstan M. McCullough, two hundred and forty-seven dollars and eighty-five cents; To Stephen P Hale, one hundred and sixteen dollars and eighty cents- To James T. Carter, one hundred and twenty-four dollars and fifty cents- · ' To lfhomas L. Harrison, two hundred and forty-two dollars and sixty- _ live cents; To James B. Gaston, seven hundred and twenty dollars and twenty- live cents; To Henry C. Cowles, one thousand four hundred and seventy-nine dollars and forty-eight cents; To William H McGrew, three hundred and seventy-six dollars and forty·live cents; - To James A. Bledsoe, nine hundred dollars and thirty-five cents; To William Muirheid, one thousand one hundred and twenty-five dollars and thirty cents; To Louis C. Hughes, one hundred and eighty-one dollars and fifty cents; To Charles B. Germain, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-two dollars and seventy cents; To Will Haight, eight hundred and eighty-six dollars; To Stephen Roberts, five hundred and eleven dollars; To Joseph C. Finnell, nine hundred and eighteen dollars; To Abner Hazeltine, one thousand one hundred and seventy-one dollars and eighty cents; · To StephenWheeler, one thousand and sixty-three dollars and ninety cents- To ihhomas Corwin, ninety-tive dollars and ten cents; To Allred T. Dillard, one hundred and sixty-three dollars and ten 0ents· To Doc. H. Hart, one thousand and eightytwo dollars; To James H. Bone, three hundred and fifty-six dollars and eighty five cents; To Horatio D. Woods, three lnuidred and sixty-three dollars and eighty cents- To John Whiteheatl, thirty dollars; To Frank F. Teicher, one hundred and sixty-six dollars: To James E Reed, two thousand six hundred and twenty dollars and eighty-five cents; To G. McHenderson, one hundred and thirty-two dollars; To Elbert Wallace, eight hundred and seventy dollars; To John M. Allred, one hundred a11d sixty-two dollars and ninety- five cents. To Frank Pidgeon, junior, four thousand five hundred and seventy- three dollars, and twenty-two cents; To Frank Pldg80l1, junior, five thousand six hundred and twenty- eight dollars and thirty cents; To Richard M Jones, iiflyfour dollars and twenty cents; To John A. Shipman, one thousand five hundred dollars; To John H. Finks, one thousand six hundred and thirty-seven dollars and thirty-five cents;