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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. l. Ch. 311. 1892. 315 For plans for public buildings, six dollars and sixty cents. rim. For repairs and preservation of public buildings, forty cents. nepm, m. For contingent expenses, Independent Treasury, four dollars. Independent ·i·l—m. Ury. INTERIOR DEPARTMENT. Interior Depart,. ment. PUBLIC LAND SERVICE: For salaries, obice of surveyorgeneral of P¤\>l¤¤ hinds- Dakota, eighteen hundred and ninety, one dollar and seventy-nine D§k*;{;‘°¥°*·=¢¤¤*¤· cents. ‘ For contingent expenses, office of surveyor- general of South Dakota, S<>¤¤¤ D¤k¤¤¤- eighteen hundred and nniety-one, one hundred and ninety-two dollars and forty-four cents. For salaries and commissions of registers and receivers, sixty cents. %}§*j,$f_*'°¤ Md M For contingent expenses oi' land officers, thirty-six dollars and thirty Contin gen t si. cents. ’°"“°”· For reimbursement mreceivers of public moneys for excessof deposits, wig;} b "SM N twenty-one dollars and seventy-six cents. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. t·D,,,m,,mm 0,. Jn ICG. For fees and expenses of marshals. United States courts, one thou- Iiminns. sand two hundred and six dollars and eighteen cents. For fees of commissioners United States courts, three thousand four °*¤¤¤·i·-*¤¤¤¤¤· hundred dollars and seventy-tivo cents. For fees of witnesses, United States courts, seven dollars and sixty Wiuwmncents. · For support of prisoners, United States courts, two hundred and Suvirurwtprxsouers. seventy-eight dollars and eighty-tour cents. For fees of supervisors of elections, fifteen dollars. '_k§:r·=¤*¤·>r¤ of elw- CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE FIRST AUDITOR AND COM- AA£;>0*¢·•¤ bi; First Iuissiosnn or oUs*roMs. .lL‘.§l“(i*iI.$;.‘3‘;f”"‘ For expenses of collecting the revenue from customs, six hundred aud ¤¤¤¢<>·¤¤ revenue. forty nine dollars and five cents. For Lite-Saving Service, one hundred and ninety-six dollars. I·"°’S°"*¤= S°"*¤°- For supplies of light-houses, five hundred and thirty dollars and p,}g_¤=¤°· ¤¤¤·¤ ¤¤I> twentyeight cents. ` For expenses of buoyage, except for services over Pacific railroads, B“°Y°S°- one thousand nine hundred and seventyseven dollars and sixty-nine cents. For Marine Hospital Service, CWQIIIZY-DVC cents. M¤¤¤·> hvsrimln- For repayment to importers, excess of deposits, fifty-six dollars. p0{_<t·;u:yme¤»¤ no im- WAR DEPARTMENT CLAIMS CERTIFIED BY SECOND AU- Sgujdf Af:_y:::}¤··mi - DITOR AND SECOND COMPTROLLER. compzmner. For pay, and so forth, of the Army, except for services over the P“Y·°'”· Pacino railroads, four thousand four hundred and ninety-two dollars and sixty-eight cents. For Medical and Hospital Department, two dollars. M°d*¤¤¤ D¤1>¤¤¤¤¤¤¢- For traveling expenses of California and Nevada volunteers, one uw`:;-he ¤¤<1 M- hundred and sixty dollars and sixty cents. °°" To reimburse the State of Pennsylvania for money expended for pay- Pennsylvania ment of militia, three thousand seven hundred and thirty-two dollars and hfty cents. INDIAN CLAIMS ALLOWED BY THE SECOND AUDITOR auf-1¤·1i3 3¤§¤¤ Tr, AND SECOND COMPTROLLER. 4;.,...,,,.,;;., °” I For support of Sioux of different tribes, subsistence and civilization, sims. eighteen hundred and ninety-one, twenty-three dollars and ninetyfive cents.