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326 FIFTY#SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 321, 322. 1892. business within the District of Columbia, shall. publish in at least two daily papers printed in the District of Ccgumblia semi-a1;p1ually,tduring the months of March and Septem er 0 eac year a sta ement under oath, showing their capital stock and the ainount paid in ori account of the same, assets, liabilities, debts, deposits, dividends and dues, as well as their current expenses during six months ending January and July preceding. _ _ P¤¤¤•·y fvr f¤i1¤r¤· Sec. 2. That any such company, association, orinstitution failing to publish statements as required by the first section of this act shall forfeit its right to do business in said District and thereupon it sha be the duty of said Commissioners to revoke its license or permit to do {."’n?°*°°· I m W business in said District: Provided, That fraternal beneficiary associaesaas trespass." tions or societies dom busmess on the lod e plan and paying death 3 S _ benefits be exempted from the provisions of this act. Approved, July 29, 1892. * Jill? 29.1892. CHAP. 322.-An act to incorporate the Washington and Great Falls Electric Rail- ";’_—;‘— way Company. Be it enacted_12y the Senate and House of Representatives of the United wuimxum uu States of America m Congress assembled, That W. C. Codd, and James §§,?f,f.J`C0‘}nPEl,f;,’*,j',‘f F. Morrison, of the State of Maryland, and James L. Barbour, James · wgocznnresgwm Robbins, Smith lgettit, John G. Slater, Edwiné Bgalltzley, Edvéard Blpltz- · . ley J. P. Clark imson De. F. Jennings an ward B. ottre of the District oi] Columbia, and their associates and successors, ’are hereby created a body politic and corporate, in fact and in law, by the name of the Washington and Great Falls Electric Railway Company, and by that name shall have perpetual succession, and shazl be able to . ` sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded defend and be de ended in all ; courts of law and equity, and may make’and have a common seal, and pn; construct me- alter the same at their pleasure- and the said corporation is hereby ' i °"°"'1'“*' ‘ authorized to locate, construct, ’equip, maintain, and operate a continuous line of single or double track railway, and all necessary sidings, ` stations switches turn-outs and other devices. and to operate the ` same by electricity through,aud along the following named streets, R¢>¤¤>- avenues and roads, to wit: Beginning at a point to be located by the Elevathdmnds. . ’ . . . . ’ . Commissioners of the District of Columbia, west of the north end ot the Aqueduct Bridge, and running thence west over the Canal road on an elevated railway of iron colums and beams, with wood orossties and guards, to be built so as not to interfere with the use of the Ches- DMR Comms, apeake and Ohio Canal and so as to preserve to the public the full use ,,,,,,,,5, ,0 ,,,,,,0,,, of the Canal road. The said company shall submit the plans of sind vl¤¤¤·¤¢¤· elevated railway to the Commissioners of the District of Columbia for their approval, and no wonikshall Pe donp on said §ai:_wayMlsaid pany ie ore suc approva in wm inc. n respec o eve ing a may pertain to the strength of the stiucture and to the safety and con- g venience of the public the construction and operating of said elevated railway shall at all times be subject to the control and approval of the said Commissioners, and the said company shall make good to the District of Columbia all damages done by it or by its contracting agents to the Canal road and other roads belonging to the District of Columbia, and shall also make good to the District of Columbia _ all the costs of inspection of the company’s work by the author-

"Y °' "“‘" ized agents of the said District. In respect of everything that

may (pertain to, df safety of hthe United States water mains in t IC ana roa e p ans the construction and the operatin of said elevated railway shall be subject to the,control and approved Wm °¤ C¤¤¤i wed- of the Secretary of W`ar. For the satety of travel on said Canal road, - and before commencing to run its cars on said elevated railway, and subject to the inspection and approval of the Commissioners of the