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836 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cns. 327-329. 1892. progress of construction, or after its completion, orif the entire removal of said bridge is required by him at any time, the cost of such change p)r_(;·emoval shall be paid by the company owning or controlling said r1 ge. ·*—¤¤¤·i=¤¤¤*·¤¤¤- Sec. 6. That the right to alter or amend or repeal this act is hereby expressly reserved. ¤,g‘;g“,},‘},‘;,_°°“*°°' ’*”‘* Sec. 7. That this act shall be null and void if actual construction of the bridge herein authorized be not commenced within one year and completed within three years from the date hereof. Approved, July 30, 1892. ·7¤LYU»|¤2» CHAP. 328.-~An act to provide for the examination and promotion of enlisted

"*’"*"’ men of the Army to the grade of second lieutenant.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Amr- M ll l States of America in Congress assembled, That the President be, and he mn ai ...,1 mu. is hereby, authorized to prescribe a system of examination of enlisted °°“’°*°'~ men of the Army, by such boards as may be established by him, to determine their iitness for promotion to the grade of second lieutenant:

 Provided, That aH unmarried soldiers under thirty years of age, who ‘

are citizens of the United States, are physically sound, who have served honor-ably not less than two years in the Army, and who have borne a good moral character before and after enlistment, may compete for pro- ` motion under any system authorized by this act.

  • •¤*¤•**°¤‘*°•¤*· Sec. 2. That the members and recorder of such boards as may be

established by the President, under the provisions of the preceding section, shall be sworn in every case to discharge their duties honestly and faithfully; and the boards may examine witnesses, and take depositions, for which purposes they shall have such powers of a court of inquiry as may be _

            • 5 '•°¤·¤i¤• Uk}: Sec. 3. That the vacancies in the grade of second lieutenant hereto-

$$1 · fore iilled by the promotion of meritorious non-commissioned officers of WL ¤¤.r-15<>- the Army, under the provisions of section three of the act approved June eighteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, shaH be filled by the appointment of competitors favorably recommended under this act, _ce»-tiumss or eng- in the order of merit established by the iinal examination. Each man ‘““"‘ who passes the final examination shall receive a certificate of eligibility, setting forth the subjects in which he is proficient and the especial P~¤*~··- grounds upon which the recommendation is based: Provided, That not more than two examinations shall be accorded to the same competitor. m}g·f,¤ 0* <·<>¤*¤- Sec. 4. That all rights and privileges 'arising from a certificate of ' eligibility may be vacated by sentence of a court-martial, but no soldier, while holding the privileges of a certilicate, shall be brought before a garrison or regimental court-martial or summary court. $;{j*g,LP m Sec. 5. That sections three and four of the act approved June eight- '` eenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, providing for the promotion of meritorious noncommissioned officers, be, and the same are hereby, repealed. Approved, July 30, 1892. July 30. 1892- CHAP. 329.-An act to authorize the Denison and Northern Railway Company to

 ;¢;£:ruct and operate a railway through the Indian Territory. and for other pur-

Be it enacted by the Senate and H once of Representatives of the Uni ted mD•·1;¤;?y:;¤é!0'§¤r;¤- States of America in Congress assembled, That the Denison and Northmy construct Pigot ern Railway Company, a corporation created under and by virtue of the ,‘;g;j1“,;j;f;’t;f$$°H” laws of the State of Texas, be, and the same is hereby, invested and “ empowered with the right of locating, constructing, owning, equipping,