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366 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 380. 1892. thousand one hundred and ninety dollars_ each; necessary traveling expenses of agents actually incurred m going to and returning irom Alaska, not to exceedh five hundsegmdogagl each per annum; m all, twelve thousand nine uudred an y o rs. Inquiry r¤¤1>¤<-me That the act entitled “An act to enable the Secretary of the Treas- “'1'*°°°"""°°1°°‘ ury to gather full and authentic information as to the present condi- ` tion and preservation of the fur seal interests of the Government in the region of Alaska, as compared with its condition in eighteen hundred aud seventy; also full information as to the impending extinction V¤u¤.1>.4c. of the sea otter industry and kmdred hues of mquiry, and so forth,” approved April fifth, eighteen hundred and nmety, be and the same IS hereby repealed, said repeal to take eifect July iirst, eighteen hundred and nine -three. mam; salmon For the? protection of the salmon fisheries of Alaska, under the direc- “'““°'· tion of the Secretary of the Treasury, five thousand dollars.

 For publishing the President’s proclamation concerning seal iisheries

w ° of Bering Sea, and for protecting salmon iisheries of Alaska, as required v¤1.».p.10n•. by act of March second, eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, “To provide for theprotection of salmon fisheries of Alaska/’ and for expenses of carrying out lease of andprotecting seal life on Islands of Saint Paul and B-S-.¤•¤•-M0. 1971. Saint George, Alaska, under sections nineteen hundred and fifty-nine "‘$“'°°°' and nineteen hundred and seventy-one, Revised Statutes, one thousand doHars. 3 •t¤·.¤•A1¤- To enablethe Secretary of the Treasury to furnish food, fuel, and clothing, to the native inhabitants on the islands of Saint Paul and Saint George, Alaska, nineteen thousand nve hundred dollars. D'•*'*°*°‘°°'¤¤b**· DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. P¤¤•=··- Mnrnoromrm Poucu: To meet the expenses for maintainin M-E3;" public order in the District of Columbia on the occasion of the national encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic, to take place in said ·District in September, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, nine thousand payee, dollars: Provided, That policemen borne on the rolls of the police force L*¤¤*· of abc cities <£fNewtg:l>rk,fPhila;)l:slphia, and Daltgmore may be employed, an none other oue o the ‘strict o ‘o um ia; , mma: or pxmt. For the payment to the inspector of plumbing of the District of Co- “'§·m P, 21 lumbia for additional labor and expense imposed on hun under the act ’ ‘ entitled “An act to authornze the appointment of an inspector of plumbing in the District of Columbia, and for other purposes," approved April _ twenty-third, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, five hundred dollars; 1‘··l·¤·><=··¤¤· I Iiomcn Clounr: Far egmpfnsaltiion of one deputy marshal, at three _ e dollars per ay, nine uu rem an lurty' -ninc dollars; ,,,é"“°""‘ *" '·‘““‘*‘ For furnishing the addition to the police court building, eight hundred dollars; one half of which sums for the District of Columbia shall be paid from the revenues of the District of Columbia and the other Bm, w mm ___ hal from the Treasury of the United States. assummmnuaa. That the President shall appoint a board of three members, residents of the District of Columbia, who shall each receive a compensation of eight dollars per day and who shall act as a board of revision, equalization, and appeals, with power to revise and equalize the assessment of eighteen hundred and ninety-two, and shall remain in session for a period of not less than ninety days nor more than six months, and their decision in all cases shall be final; and the Commissioners are hereby required to detail such clerical force as may be necessary to aid said board iu p,.,,,,,, their duties: Provided, That the trienuial assessment made in the year hssuéinemt or rm eighteen hundred and eighty-ume, pursuant to the act of March third,

‘;,'}‘g',,,,_ °’ **·°** eighteen hundred and eighty-three, 18 hereby continued in force for the

vcr. 22 p. 568. iiscal year ending une thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-three; and all taxes for said fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred aud mnety-three, shall be levied and collected upon the basis of said assessment, any other law to the contrary notwithstanding.