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FIFTY-SECON D CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 380. 1892. 367 For compensation of the members of the board hereby created, tour compensation of thousand three hundred and sixty-eight dollars or so much thereof as “°‘“""· may be necessary is hereby appropriated, to be paid wholly from the revenues of the District of Columbia. That the circle at the intersection of Sixteenth street and New Hancock circle Hampshire avenue, known as Hancock Circle, be, and the same is here- "““S*°"°"· by, transferred to and located at or near, the intersection of Sixteenth street extended and Morris street; the location and dimensions of the said circle to be as shown on a map on iile in the office of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia. QUARANTINE SERVICE. Q¤¤r¤¤ti¤<> service-

For the maintenance and ordinary expenses, including pay of officers M¤*¤**¤¤¤¤¤·

and employees of quarantine stations at Delaware Breakwater, Cape Charles South Atlantic Station éSapelo Sound), Key West, Gulf, San Diego, San Francisco, and Port ownsend, fifty thousand dollars. ` For completion of quarantine stations, as follows: t_C<>r¤1>1¤¢i¤¤ of sm- South Atlantic: For water main, sewer, closets, painting, and coal `°"°' house, six thousand dollars; Gulf: For building for sheltering crew of vessel and coal shed, disinfecting machinery, repairs to steamer and floats, and for engine, seven thousand five hundred dollars; San Francisco: For completion of station, including laundry building, hospital, and adjunct buildings, and for machinery, eighteen thousand five hundred dollars: in all, thirty-two thousand dollars. PREVENTION OF EPIDEMICS. dPr;aventiou of epi- Bm CS. The President of the United States is hereby authorized, in case of threatened or actual epidemic of cholera, yellow fever, or smallpox, to use the unexpended balance of the sums appropriated and reappropriated by the sundry civil appropriation act approved March second, Vol. aa, p. 954. eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, or so much thereof as may be necessary, in aid of State and local boards, or otherwise, in his discretion, in preventing and suppressing the spread of the same; and the additional sum of one hundred thousand dollars is hereby appropriated for the same purpose. UNDER THE DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. patéigigtiuesuor ns. PUBLIC BUILDINGS. Public buildings. Rnrains or Bmrmncs, Iivrnmon DEPARTMENT: For repairs of nepsm. Interior Department and Pension Buildings, five thousand dollars. Fon. THE CAPITOL: For work at Capitol, and for general repairs Capitol. thereof, including wages of mechanics, laborers, and fresco painters, *‘°*"’“‘“· twenty thousand dollars. For repairs and improvements to the steam heating and machinery Heating, m.. sen. 0f the Senate wing of the Capitol, under the direction of the Architect “'°· of the Capitol, two thousand three hundred and seventy-tive dollars. For improving ventilation of the Senate Chamber and of Senate Ventilation, arm. Gommittee rooms, improving drainage of central portion of the Capitol, “g°· °"‘· and of the north and south wings, and making improvements and addition_to kitchen of Senate restaurant, and to coal and fuel bins in Senate wing, ninety-seven thousand four hundred and ninety-six dollars and six cents; said amount to be expended under the direction of the Architect of the Capitol in accordance with the plans and specifications eil0pt3d by Colonel George E Waring, junior, and Doctor J0l1H S. Bilhngs, as set forth by the reports made by them under the Senate