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392 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 382, 383. 1892. _ rama to issue ml- Sec. 3. That upon the filing by the said railroad company, at the l°"°“ “°l°°‘°‘l‘ local land office of the land district in which any tract of land selected in pursuance of this act shall lie, a list describing the tract or tracts selected, and the payment of the fees prescribed by law in analogous cases, and the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, he shall cause _ to be executed, in due form of law, and deliver to said company, a m{,’_°:;§•{l’,‘jflQ,sff ‘“" patent of the United States, conveying to it the lands so selected. In case the tract so selected shall at the time of selection be unsurveyed, the list filed by the company at the local land office shall describe such tract in such manner as to designate the same with a reasonable degree of certainty, and within the period of three months after the lands including such tract shall have been surveyed, and the plats thereof tiled in the local land office, a new selection list shall be filed by said company, describing such tract according to such survey; and in case such Qvrswticn of de- tract as originally selected and described in the lists tiled in the local °°"P°°°" °" "'"°Y° land office shall not precisely conform with the lines of the official survey, the said company shall be permitted to describe such tract anew, so as to produce such conformity. ¤i:B¢;¢•¤SB¤¤;¢¤ ¤<•b¤i¤ Sec. 4. That this act shall take etlect and be in force from and after y y ‘ the time of its acceptance by the said railway company, which must be within ninety days from the approval of this act. Approved, August 5, 1892. $**15**** 5·1$92· CHAP. 383.—An act to regulate the times for holding the terms of the United States Courts in the State of South Dakota. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United _S0¤th perm Judi- States of America in Congress assembled, That hereafter the terms ot °‘“¢Q,§§‘,f_,'j,‘}?;,,,,,,,_ the circuit and district courtsof the United States in and for the State Ye!-260-1* of South Dakota shall be as follows: At Sioux Falls on the first Tuesday in April and the third Tuesday in October; at Pierre on the first Tuesday in March and October; At Deadwood on the first Tuesday in February and September. mms ac. Sec. 2. The provision of statute now existing for the holding of said courts on any day contrary to the provisions of this act is hereby repealed, and all suits, prosecutions, process, recognizances, bail bonds, l and other things pending in or returnableto said court on the days now iixed by law are hereby transferred to and shall be made returnable to and have force in the said respective terms in this act provided in the same manner and with the same effect as they would have had had said existing statute not been passed. Approved, August 5, 1892.