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400 FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. BES. 25-27. 1892. L°•¤ °' ****0* °* the Queen Re ent of S ain of the municipal government of Genoa, of umm '°°°°°t°d' the Duke of Weragua, die dbscendants of Columbus, and of such other persons or corporations as may be thought proper, the loan of articles, papers, books, maps, documents, and other relics of Christopher Columbus and those who were associated with him or with the discovery and early settlement of America, for exhibition at the Worlds Columbian Exposition; that the Secretary of State shall make such provision as may be necessary for their reception, exhibition, safe custody, and return; and that the Secretary of the Navy shall have authority, if necessary, to detail one or more vessels for their transportation. Approved, July 23, 1892. Jglyx, gm, [No. 26.] Joint resolution authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to prepare and ——-————-—- send to the Wor1d’s Columbian Exposition models, drawings, and so fort , prepared or invented by women. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United.' weeiam cnumbim States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Emi} ,,,,,,,,,·, Interior be, and he hereby is, authorized to prepare and send for exhiinveniiuns to be ¤- bition in the Woman’s Building of the World’s Columbian Exposition, Mm"' any articles, models, or drawings now in his custody, or deposited in the Patent Omce, prepared or invented by women. Approved, July 26, 1892. · o. 27. oint resolution `vi authorl r the er etion of overhead wires for-

 th£N  of the city 15} Valghingmntlldiing theeencampment of the Grand

Army of the Republic, during September, eighteen hundred and ninety-two. · P,,,,,,,,,,,_ Whereas, It is proposed during the approaching reunion of the= Grand Army of the Republic to make provision for the suitable illumination of the streets, avenues and public grounds, which illumination can not be effected unless additional over-head wires, for electrical purposes, are temporarily strung, and Whereas, The Commissioners of the District of Columbia are prohib— ited by existing law from authorizing any overhead wires for electrical purposes to be strung on or over any street or avenue of the said city:. Therefore, - Resolved by the Senate and House of R resentatives of the United National snmp States of America in Congress assembled, That the Commissioners of ‘ {‘};“{;,,f;m,‘} *"”'Y °* the District of Columbia are hereby authorized to permit the Commitmqp»¤¤y'¤mu»n1 tee on Illumination of the Citizens’ Executive Committee for the Euter— }’f,‘j{Q‘"“ w"" *’°"'“" tainment of the Twenty-sixth National Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic, to stretch suitable conductors, with sufficient supports, wherever necessary, for the purpose of effecting the said illumination : p,».,,,;,,,,_ Provided, That the said conductors shall not be used for the con- R°*¤°‘*¤l mer ¤¤*· veying of electrical currents after September twenty-seventh. eighteen hundred and ninety-two, and shall, with their supports, be fully and entirely removed from the streets und avenues of the said city of Washington on or before November iirst, eighteen hundred and ninety- supervision. two: Provided, further, That the stretching and removing of the said wires shall be under the supervision of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, who shall see that the provisions of this resolution are enforced, that all needful precautions are taken for the protection of the public, and that the pavement of any street, avenue or alley disturbed is replaced in as good condition as before entering upon the work herein authorized: No expense site ni. Provided, further, That no expense or damage on account of, or due

  • >“”°"· to the stretching, operation, or removing of the said temporary overhead conductors shall be incurred by the United States or the District

of Columbia. Approved, July 26, 1892.