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FIFTY-SECON D CONGRESS. Sicss. II. CHS. 12, 14. 1892. 409 State of Wyoming, known as Fort Fetterman hay reservation, the Fort _M>#¤n¤1<>n<><1 resewa Fetterman old wood reserve, situated in township thirty-two north, §}°,§‘§$'[,’;,“}§'§'U° h°“‘° ranges seventy-four and seventy-five west, established August twenty- ninth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, and the Fort Fetterman new wood reserve, situated in townships twenty-eight and twenty-nine, range seventy-one west, are hereby made subject to disposal under the homestead law only: Provided, That actual occupants thereon upon the first Provisos. day of January, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, shall have the pref- p,£{§{°'°“°° *° °°°“` erence right to make one entry not exceeding one quarter section under existing land laws if qualified, which shall include their respective improvements: Provided further, That any of such lands as are occupied Mineral lands. for town-site purposes and any of the lands that may be shown to be valuable for coal or minerals shall be disposed of as now provided for lands subject to entry and sale under the town—site, coal, or mineralland laws, respectively. Approved, December 22, 1892. CHAP. 14.-An act to amend and enlarge the act approved June eighteenth, December 28, 1892. eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, entitle "An act to provide for the distribu— L tion of the awards made under the convention between the United States of America and the Republic of Mexico, concluded on_the fourth day of July, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight.” Whereas the Secretary of State, after investigating the charge of P¤>¤¤l>1¤· fraud presented by the Mexican Government as to the case of La Abra Silver Mining Company, has heretofore reported that the “honor of the United States requires" that said case “should be further investigated by the United States, to ascertain whether this Government has been made the means of enforcing upon a friendly power claims of our citizens based upon or exaggerated by fraud," but that "the executive Government is not furnished with means of instituting and pursuing methods of investigation which can coerce the production of evidence or compel the examination of parties and witnesses/’ and that “the authority for such an investigation must proceed from Congress;" and Whereas the President of the United States has transmitted to Congress the recommendation of the Secretary of St-ate that said case “ be referred to the Court of Claims, or such other court as may be deemed proper, in order that the charge of fraud made in relation to said claim may be fully investigated: “Therefore, Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That in further execution of mT·¤bAb¤¤Silv•>rMi¤- the purpose of said act the Attorney·General of the United States be, g °"”°°”y` and he is hereby, authorized and directed to bring a suit or suits in the name of the United States in the Court of Claims against La Abra claim it uward Silver Mining Company, its successors and assigns, and all persons §‘§,Y.},““f,M}’,f,’$,°,'{’ 3*} making any claim to the award or any part thereof in this act men- Clgi¤;=¤j0 tioned, to determine whether the award made by the United States °`“ 'p‘m' and Mexican Mixed Commission in respect to the claim of the said La Abra Silver Mining Company was obtained, as to the whole sum included therein or as to any part thereof, by fraud eftectuated by means gygsrm i¤:1¢i<> ¤ of false swearing or other false and fraudulent practices on the part ot ;°{,t${,,Z5 g,:;-`?,Z,.,.f°°° the, said La Abra Silver Mining Company, or its agents, attorneys, or assigns; and, in case it be so determined, to bar and foreclose all claim in law or equity on the part of said La Abra Silver Mining Company, its legal representatives or assigns, to the money, or any such part thereof, received from the Republic of Mexico for or on account of such award; and any defendant to such suit who can not be found in the Notification of as- District of Columbia shall be notified and required to appear in such °°°"1°f°“d°m’°' suit by publication as the court may direct, in accordance with law, as applicable to cases in equity.