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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 82, 83. 1893. 443 understanding of the subject; and the construction of the proposed bridge shall not be commenced until the location and plans thereof are approved by the Secretary of War. Sec. 8. That any bridge constructed under the authority of this act Ch¤¤g•>¤,¤m shall be built under the general supervision of the Secretary of War, and no changes or alterations in plans shall be made during the construction of said bridge or after its completion unless said changes or alterations conform to the provisions of this act and are authorized by the Secretary of War. That such alterations and changes as may be required by the Secretary of War in said bridge, so as to preserve free and convenient navigation, shall be made under the direction of the Secretary of War, at the expense of the company or persons owning, controlling, or operating said bridge. That during original construction, or in carrying out any authorized changes or repairs of said bridge, a navigable channel shall be preserved at the site of the bridge at all times, and the water way of the river shall not be obstructed to a greater extent than is absolutely necessary, and such lights and buoys shall be kept on all cofferdams, piles, and so forth, as may be necessary for the security of navigation. Sec. 9. That all railroad companies desiring the use of the bridge Upebyraurmcom. authorized by this act shall have and be entitled to equal rights and "'“"" privilegesrelative to the passage of railway trains or cars over the same, and over the approaches thereto, upon the payment of a reasonable compensation for such use; and in case the owner or owners of compensation. said bridge and the several railroad companies, or any one of them, desiring such use shall fail to agree upon the sum or sums to be paid, and upon rules and conditions to which each shall conform in using said bridge, all matters at issue between them shall be decided by the Secretary of War upon a hearing of the allegations and proof of thei parties; and equal privileges in the use of said bridge shall be granted to all telegraph and telephone companies. Sec. 10. That the bridge constructed, maintained, and operated un· Lawful ¤¢r¤=¤¤r¤ der this act and according to its limitations shall be a lawful structure, md pm r°"t°‘ and shall be recognized and known as a post route, upon which also no higher charge shall be made for the transportation over the same of the mails, the troops, and the munitions of war of the United States than the rate per mile paid for the transportation of said mails, troops, and munitions over the railroads and public highways leading to said bridge ; and the United States shall have the right of way for postal, p,,mn.,;.,gm,,i._.,i,.,, telegraph, and telephone purposes over said bridge. Sec. 11. That this act shall be null and void if actual construction C·>·¤¤1<>¤¤•>¤x·>¤¤¤¤~¤·i of the bridge herein authorized be not commenced within one year and °`"“°l°°°°` completed within three years from the date of approval thereof. Sec. 12. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this act is hereby Amennmsnmw. expressly reserved; and the right to require the entire removal of the bridge constructed under the provisions of this act, at the expense of the owners thereof, whenever Congress shall decide that the public interests require it, is also expressly reserved. Approved, February 11, 1893.

 83.-An act in relation to testimony before the Interstate Commerce Com- February 11, 189:1.

mission, and in cases or proceedings under or connected with an act entitled "An ——·····;"‘ lwt to regulate commerce," approved February fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty- seven, and amendments thereto. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United I t t ,, SiC4f6B of America in Congress assembled, That no person shall be 6XOKB6d m,,,:;°55m;,;;S;§X.m' from attending and testifying or from producing books, papers, mI‘ifYS, ,g‘;{§Q'luj‘§,§§°: contracts, agreements and documents before the Interstate Commerce tsrsmte coimrizrte ac- COIDHHSSIOII, 01* in obedience to the subpmna of the Commission, Wl18th8f “°“°‘